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David McKnight

Mack Brown should consider moving from Texas to Duke. Look at it this way: he wouldn't have to compete with "Austin City Limits."

And it would be good for the Duke-Carolina rivalry because folks in Chapel Hill still speak of their "warm feelings" about Mack's move to the Texas Hill Country from the Southern Part of Heaven.


Duke is talking to Spurrier.It's JUNIOR though.

David McKnight

Terry II. That's what Duke needs.

As the first news columnist to point out back in 1970 the advantages of hiring Terry Sanford to become president of Duke University, I am ready to make another recommendation to Dear Old Duke:

Hire Terry Bowden to become the next football coach at Duke. Yes, I am in favor of a new Terry Terrifc Era at Duke:

Terry II. That's what Duke needs.

People will say there are already two Bowdens coaching football in the ACC.

But the ACC is "all in the family" when it comes to sports. Two's company but three's a a crowd, and that's what Wallace Wade Stadium needs on Saturdays next season: big crowds enjoying a marvelous, traditional football stadium which coincidentally is a great place to watch a college football game.

"Terry Terrific" Bowden in football can pick up where "Terry Terrific" Sanford left off in academic administration. And Duke will be able to find its way into the End Zone of Football Life.

Yes, Iron Dukes, here is your chance to take the lead in bringing Terry Bowden to Duke University.

Terry II. That's what Duke needs.

And you read in first in Tom Talks.

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