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SteelersRULE panthersBLOW

8-5 so far... hopefully 9-5.


The Messenger

Not bad picks.

We must give Mr. Tom Sorenson credit though on another topic he wrote today concerning high profile Tom Knotts and the physical altercation between the screaming profane parent fan and the DA making the right choice not to press charges. Although this is a no-brainer its good to see sports writers make the right call since they usually dont or play devils advocate.

Independence is a national story and has been for several years with their coach although it needs to stated that this wont stop CMS from possibly suspending him from coaching for next year since they have a longtime reputation for failure to stand behind their coaches and teachers in any situation and always make them the scapegoat and thats why this is also being mentioned since we know coaches are considered to be lowly subordinates to be used and abused by the administrators who make 4-5 times their salary and usually work that much less time since coaches can spend up to 12 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year building and sustained a sucessessful team.

A kind of similar siutation occured in late Nov 2006 at North Meck where a very popular 5 year head JV and assist varsity coach of a heart wrenching 3rd round 4aa playoff loss at the buzzer chased a tauting vulgar profane parent & relative fan who actually played for the the winning opposing team who crossed the field after the buzzer and began screaming the F word laughing and tauting the Viking players on their home field. This popular assist coach immediately ran these troublemakers off to prevent any physical altercation and to protect his own team who had completed a successful season winning the conference almost making it to the 4th round to play Indy ironically. The principal or AD or cops were nowhere in sight doing their jobs so obviously sometimes a coach has to play policeman too to help matters out and then suffer the unbeknowst consequences even though this coach is paid 900 after taxes that might cover his gas expenses while also helping many players get scholarships and putting in 1000s of hrs yearround.

The thanks he got was a later filling out a confessional for the principal since unbeknowst to him this troublemaker parent and relative filed a complaint to CMS and naturally CMS administration failed to stand behind him as is par for the course and 3 months later the 2nd yr principal conveniently advised him he was being suspended a full year out of sports for the first since he began playing at age 5 and he was 25 having been a stellar athlete himself and excellent coach very popular with the players for 5 yrs that included a volunteer yr while in college at UNCC and also being a nationally awarded Young Life leader who began the YL program at Independnce HS ironically and lead it 4 yrs while in college helping many students get on the right track. He was also paying for his home and car etc on a lone teacher salary as his wife was in grad school working part time and didnt want to leave the school.

This is just a preview of how CMS treats their teachers/coaches by administrators who easily make 130k a yr. You are their punching bag. They own you and dont talk back to them or you are fired.

We know Mr. Sorenson is logical and can understand how CMS high school teach/coaches are treated so unfairly and unjustly since he could appreciate the DA not charging TK. Good you you.

Maybe one day CMS overpaid administrators or cops will do their jobs and take care of these obscene fans in advance so coaches wont have to coach plus police at the same time and then have to suffer the consequences in the end of getting the blame for trying to fix the problem before it really gets out of hand since they got teacher/coaches by the ballz and they know it.

Keep up the good work !

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