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I get enthralled by curling during the Olympics, although I still don't quite understand it. I think by 2018, I'll have it down!


Lacrosse. I learned to love it in college. It's hockey (which I also like) but played on grass, on college campuses, in the spring...


Have you ever watched high school wrestling? This is my first year to watch high school wrestling since my freshman son is competing. I have been amazed at the physical strength these young men display....the accomplishment of winning a match is celebrated by the team, but these guys are competing alone and the victory is theirs alone too. It is a brutal sport physically and the mental battle between opponents makes this a very interesting sport for spectators.


so now you are singing a different song after rediculing the hurricanes accomplismnet of winning the the STANLEY CUP--the greatest accomplishment so far in NC sports history! you owe the hurricanes and their fans an apology for your rediculous article from a couple of seasons ago----a great accomplishment that you unfortunately took a very cheap shot at--you sir deserve a forechek from erik cole!!!

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