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amen, Tom.

So many people think in order to prove you are a "grown-up" you have to drink your coffee black, hate crowded malls at Christmas, and hate snow. Not me. And obviously, not you.

tom h.


Thanks for a blog that brought back some great childhood memories!
Growing up in Connecticut I remember snowfalls so deep we could tunnel into the drifts, and riding metal "saucers" that would spin like crazed pinwheels as you raced down steep hills. "Course, standing up when you stopped was always dicey - but it was also half the fun.
Oh, and I was the "crazy Yankee" running around my yard about 7:30am - stopping long enough to stand still and appreciate the other gift snow brings - tranquility.


Nice Post Tom, Reminds me of a snow fix week end trip we took the kids to MSP from Charlotte. We of course wanted to visit the big mall and indoor roller coaster but mainly we wanted to see snow. On a quite Sunday morning we drove about 45 minutes I think north of MSP airport past the Mississippi river and St. Paul and stopped at a Walmart and asked the natives for ideas. We ended up buying the kids a couple of plastic saucers and went to a neighborhood golf course. It was great !! We put on all the winter clothes we owned and turned them loose. The golf course was covered with the white stuff but in its natural non golfing way it was beautiful and perfect for what we needed. We parked less than 50 yards from our sleding departure point and were quiet and respectful to the neighbors who shared their facilities with us. At first we thought we found a hidden area just for us but soon many others probaly mostly natives with better sleds and non motorized forms of outdoor movement shared this wonderful free facility with us tourists. After a few hours our two elementary aged students and future three sport high school athletes were flat wore out from running up hills to start on one of many sleding runs. Maybe one day we could bring the future grand kids. Thanks for the opportunity to remember your former area. Do you happen to know the name of the community or golf course I might have visited ?

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