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Thats are boy. I agree with him as far as not wanting to out shine them. Hopefully they will remember that Junior didn't ask for all the attention we give him, and that he puts gis pants on the same way they do.

Frances Hodges

Is Jeff Gordon Getting his nose out of joint because of all the attention Junior is getting?


Why in the world would Jeff Gordon get his nose outta joint? He's had 15 years of too much media attention thrust upon him....and with over 20 reporters hanging on to his every word, he's still getting too much attention. IMO, he's perfectly fine sharing the limelight with June. Being the MOST POPULAR driver doesn't equate to being the BEST driver.

Harrisburg Motor Speedway & Dragstrip

Although his son is not a wus this is not Dale Sr who was tough as nails and unashamed of his solid pure blue collar working class roots and small town and a folk hero to hundreds of millions across the nation and planet.
Even Jesus said a prophet is not appreciated in his hometown but he didnt know Earnhardt Sr.
As far as Concord and Cabarrus officials getting run over for their stupdity arrogance and ignorance, it was actually Concord and its little 3 ft munchin big mouth dwarf mayor who you may have seen in the Wizard of Oz. Cabarrus officials were not involved in the initial dupute. Big difference but the former Charlotte Motor Speedway track belonged to Charlottes first suburb outside Meck with Harrisburg for 40 yrs before the city bandits of Concord stole it.
Godfather Bruton who owns 7 big tracks and worth a couple billion is the Founding Father of NASCAR and at 81 yrs old can still kick azz.
One good thing about racing is they dont have taxpayers fund the building of racetracks or dragstrips unless you are a stupid idiot politician who tries to block progress when a guy like Smith is making all 7 track areas in Metro-Charlotte, Ft Worth Texas, northern San Francisco, Las Vegas, Metro-Atlanta, Bristol TN, and New Hampshire many billions annually in free revenue.
The only thing that can mess it up is an idiot politician. Incredible. And in the end these same politicians show no shame and act like they did nothing wrong and even cost taxpayers 100 million for their total stupidity.


Hi Valli Someone's head always has to roll in these satnitious, but everyone knows that winning drivers have winning teams and winning organizations. The 88 team may have been built wrong from the start after Dale Jr. made his move from DEI. Or they're just ill-starred. Lady Luck trumps any garage, any engine, any pit crew. This is a team that has slipped further and further to the back of the pack I think they just need to accept this season is screwed, try out all sorts of things and come out of the gate next year in leading fashion. Like Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman have managed to do this year.

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