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I must say I have lived here for years and I am 27 year old man and I have ran accross many celebrities in my time and Never been star struck...however a few that would probably force me into a state of boyhood..and simple....astonishment! would be meeting in no particular order
Rick FLair
Hulk Hogan
Mike Tyson
Will Smith
Eddie Murphy
Denzel Washington.

I pray I run into Flair one day and can get a Autograph....As a youth I hated him! (in the wring) I was a Dusty Roads guy...and Hulk hogan and the "Junk Yard Dog" I don't watch Wrestling that much anymore but when I was a kid I remember having the "hulk amania" work out tape and I remember CRYING! when Bobby THe Brain Henan....turned Andre the Giant Against Hulk Hogan and he slapped Hogan and challenged him for the Belt....

Rick is a Class Act and I wish him the best and Honestly....I don't think he will ever retire!

Kim Coffey

I have known Ric Flair for 10 years now. I used to manage the front desk at two locations of his, Crownpoint and Southpark gyms. Never ever have I had so much fun and respect for working for RIC FLAIR. He not only was down-to-earth, but sincerely appreciated the fact that I and others work hard for him, but showed it and let it be known. I remember on several occasions, he would go in his pants pockets to treat the employees to lunch. I would have continously worked harder for RIC FLAIR, but I moved on because of no benefits. If he ever obtained another business like GOLD'S GYM, I would be honored to work for him.
People tend to think many things of him but I will ALWAYS remember what a big heart he had and definitely still has. I saw him at a BOBCATS game about 2 years ago and he hugged me and was so genuinely glad to see me and it was reciprocated.

Take care RIC FLAIR!!! Someone in Charlotte loves you and respects you a lot.


This is the same Ric Flair who allegedly beat the crap out of his wife in a steroidal rage, right?

That same Ric Flair?


Try waiting on him. He comes into the restaurant and flaunts the fact he has money and he thinks that everyone needs to stop everything to make sure his needs are met immediately.


I did meet Flair w/his wife & eldest daughter out this past summer at a restaurant in the S. Park area and found his wife & daughter totally not friendly when he introduced them to me. I must say I came away not a good feeling about them. I'm from LA and used to running into celebrities and would not know Flair's wife & daughter if someone had a big sign advertising who they are. I think Tom that Flair is not as friendly as you make him sound to be. I've found him not very friendly, loud and totally obnoxious. Then again you are in his circle so that may account for the pleasant experience you have.


Thanks Rick for the past and future memories. I have observed Rick at many Charlotte HS sports events over a 3 year period and on every occasion he seemed to be courteous and gracious. Regardless of his childs team outcome he was polite and complementary. Rick is a terrific example of how I want Charlotte sports star to be out in the public eye. You have earned my appreciation and respect. Charlotte and I Love RF


I never actually met Rick Flair but he bought me a drink once. I was in Bailey's Sports Bar and Pool Hall on Hwy 51 years back on St. Patrick's day and Rick and Arn Anderson came in and bought a Killians for everybody in the place. They had Killians on special for $1 bottles so it was probably less than $150 which was nothing for Rick. He still didn't have to do it. I remember watching him and Arn sit on their stools and carry on friendly conversation with anyone that came up to them.


EVERYONE knows it's all a build up to Wrestlemania and his last hurrah.

Only question is will he get WWE HOF this year or next... as usual no NEWS in the Charlotte Observer blogs

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