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Obviously you've never had REAL BUFFALO WINGS before?! Taste of Buffalo has the BEST wings in the state of NC and the closest you will ever get to the original buffalo wings! They are NUMBER 1! I mean they are from NY....come on now!!!

Dawne Rast

Whoolis Grill is by far one of the best wing joints around. They also have great subs and really good servers. Try the whooli wings. They are garlic with hints of BBQ. Awsome!!!! The owner is also from NY and his home made sauce ranks above the best.


You are missing the point on the best Hot Buffalo Wings on the planet...Whooli's redefines Real Buffalo Wings.......the owner is from from Little Falls, NY and if you haven't tried his wings, you are MISSING out on the BEST!

The Real McKoy

McKoy's smoked wings are by far my personal favorite. Mckoy's Smokehouse and Saloon is a family owned business known for pecan smoked BBQ and traditional southern dishes with a modern twist. Fried wings are for amatures... Got Smoke?

McKoy's Smokehouse and Saloon!
Corner of Old Pineville & Woodlawn

Nascar Don

I am from Buffalo, and I know what real buffalo wings are. If you truly want great tasting wings...go to "planet whooli's," best wings in NC!


You must not have had Steamer's wings...they are the BEST in town!!! And if you want to try something great...ask for the "Pam" wings, extra crispy. They aren't on the menu, but it's an original recipe to die for!

wing dinger

I made it to the Press Box for their wednesday night band...i tried the wings...they were the 'bomb'


McKoy's! Best wings in Charlotte. Tried all kinds, but nothing compares. Got Smoke?


We just tried Township Grille tonight since they are close and #2 but we were left disappointed!!! The wings don't even compare to real Buffalo Wings! Everyone knows the secret is Frank's RedHot sauce! Not some sauce with actual peppers in it! Totally threw my tastebuds for a loop and I did NOT enjoy! Skip this place and head for the #1 choice - Taste of Buffalo!


Having just returned from DD Pecker's wing shack in Pineville, which I've been going to since it was The Wing King Cafe, I have to say I'm crushed that they didn't even make the bracket. I regularly visit and order wings at 6 of the 16 joints in the tourney (2 of Tom's final four) and I don't think it's even a contest about the best wings. Walk in, order hot wings and enjoy. Forget the double dipped whipped new age flavors: make it a dozen hot with some cold beer and you can't be it.


Township Grille are by far the best wings in Charlotte!

Bob Apperstein

Real wings are ALWAYS fried! You cannot get a food wing if it is baked.

Whoolis has great wings. The location scares me! Better pack a piece.

Duke Robin


You should quit eating wings. They are making your face break our something aweful.

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Township Grill has the best wings around. They jazz up the traditional sauce. Try the Stingers. They will make you sweat and the taste is unbelievable when you dip them in the honey mustard sauce. These have long since been my faves.

Lil Li

All ive got to say is I am from the West side of Buffalo so I KNOW exactly what BUFFALO wings are. Growing up on pizzeria's, the closest you will find down in the South is from the TASTE OF BUFFALO PIZZERIA, thats a given!!! Their wings are by far the best and match up to any pizzeria's back in BUF!!


Have ya'll been to Moosehead bar & grill?? Try uncle donnies blackened, the bee stings or the specials!!
Maybe someone should get a wing cookoff going?? It would be fun!


I'm born and raised in Buffalo and suggest you get over to Crossroads Grill. Ray Weaver, the owner is a Buffalonian and knows wings! Absolutely the best, authentic wings. As good or better than Duffs, Gabrials Gate or the Anchor Bar. A must is you want wings. And, by the way, if you're from Buffalo, they're not "Buffalo Wings", that's redundant. They're just "wings".

Carl Giles

I've never been to Buffalo but I've been eating wings for years and the best , by far, I've found here are at the Township Grille. They are always great day after day year after year.


wing king cafe has the best wings in charlotte since the wing ranch left. All my N.Y. friends say they have the best buffalo wings. You nust try the garlic parmesan wings. They are to die for. I take someone there once they are hooked.


Love Moosehead, Selwyn and Mac's...in that order. All 3 are excellent.

Loretta Symms

Wing Stop at Carmel Commons has the Best Wings period. Garlic Parm and Lemon pepper are awesome


Township Grille has the best wings and is a great place for the whole family

Brandon Maniscalco

Townships wings are the best in all of Charlotte. Very orginal wings with great taste. I would never go anywhere else for wings. They also have a wide variety of flavors. THERE WINGS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


You don't have to be from Buffalo, N.Y. to know a great tasting wing. If you think you have tried the best than you haven't had Crossroads 'Wings'. Man o' man they come out of the kitchen HOT, and you can smell them coming. You know...when your mouth starts to water before the 'Wings' ever hit the table. They are crispy, saucy and have the best 'Durkee' flavor that a wing can capture. And not some pint size dink of a wing, these are JUMBO wings baby.


If yall have never ate at cristos yall are missing out, the savory sauce on top of the meaty wings make for a great meal

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