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Kansas is proud? KU 30,000 students, Davidson 1700 students.
Kansas had a desperate escape.


A one trick pony eventually loses it's charm.

Karen Winch



What exactly was that final play? Steph Curry doesn't cross the time line until 9.8 seconds?! You have to do a little better than that.


"A one trick pony eventually loses it's charm.", Mark.

I completely agree with Mark. Kansas got exposed and will get killed by Carolina. Davidson made them look pretty tame.

Davidson Of Old

Davidson has been a D1 team for 50 yrs so whats the big deal?
Nobody around when Lefty Drisell coached them 40 yrs ago or before?
Drisell took Davidson almost as far several times before going to Maryland for many yrs and was as hot tempered there as Bobby Knight at Indiana.
Matter fact Drisell was the grandaddy of hot temper and kicking chairs etc but that was way before the idiots in the media existed today ragging on every little move by anyone and before the pc age. It was a much different age.
Basketball was a better game much more diverse and more interesting.
Charlotte was in love with basketball much more then than today.
This was a basketball city. Carolina was the team.
UNCC with 2-3000 students or so played its home games at Garinger and Harrisburg gyms. This was before it even had the Mine Shaft.
Knight was a choirboy beside Drisells temper. Leftys favorite at Davidson was stomping his foot through metal chairs. He prob went through at least 1 per game or more during the season. Knight couldnt touch Drisells hotheadedness.

As far as Curry noone is mentioning the fact that he totally flubbed it on the last play and should have taken the shot and drawn the shooting foul to tie the game. He played it way too cool at the very end. Davidson was not tired. Kansas was the ones tired.
Davidson outplayed them up until the last play of the game.
Davidson gave that one away plain and simple. The better team did not win.

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