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Why do so few people comment on your blogs? You are one of the best sports writers ever and few take the time to comment. That is truly baffling. An idea: write about Britney and the comments will come.

Bill Bellydick

Damn you Matt Walsh! Our cheating is found out and now I am screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was hoping the Panthers draft a big back with their first choice. Now it is apparent, the Panthers need to draft DE, Harvey out of Florida.


Why not get Shawn Alexander, and draft a DE?


I hope the Panthers fire the least articulate color radio guy in the league, that night before the super bowl prowler Eugene Robinson, and allow Mike to become a broadcasting icon like other teams have done around the league.


I could care less that Mike Rucker retired. But hey Mike here is a tip...when you pass black women who speak to you just to say hi it wouldn't kill you to show some respect and say hi back because nobody wants you but your wife "Kelly".

Thumbelina Fan

Must have missed your Brendan Heyward thug rant. Please come out of the doublewide and dazzle us.

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