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Larry Gibson

What are Larry Brown and Mike Jordan Thinking? They need a big man and they pick a point guard. They have a point guard! They passed on a seven footer to pick another small point guard??? I am disappointed!

say what?

That's right, they had "a" point guard ... literally. The Bobcats had exactly ONE point guard on the entire roster. Unless Ray was going to play 48 minutes a night for 82 games, we needed another point guard. I love Ray, but Augustin was an excellent pick.

Ricky Bobby

At first I was disappointed. I wanted Lopez, but I see the logic. Take a PG here, then big man later. If you take Lopez here, there are no PG's left at #20. I thought Bayless would have been the pick, but Augustin is more of a pure PG and that's what Larry Brown likes. Big men are more likely to busts in these drafts. Augustin is more ready to contribute right now than Lopez.


I dont care about tanking buty ginivg Sean constant DNP's after being eliminated from the playoffs is just absurd!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHH there are sooo many things wrong with this coach this is just beyond frustrating!

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