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Frankie Bob

Sorenson, once again you've put your foot in your mouth. Your an egotistical, childish, selfish jerk. Try to make a living in the real world- you wouldn't last a month with a real job. It's no wonder you keep your job-you work for the observer- the most bush league, senseless, liberal biased paper in the world.


Frankie Bob, children tend to respond with name calling rants because they have not yet developed the emotional maturity to respond in a more adult manner.


Frankie Bob...Tom Sorensen is one of the Observer's jewels, along with Tommy T. If you have a problem with the newpaper, so be it. But Sorensen's columns are certainly thought provoking and inciteful. You don't always have to agree with his viewpoint, but please appreciate his talent as a sportswriter.


Tom it must frustrating to have to put up with all the crap from right wing neo-CONS all the time. The "get a real job" crowd, whose real job it seems is to make an a$$ of themselves. I'd hate to be good ol' boy Frankie-bob-dale-bubba's son or father. He probably named his son "3" and his daughter "jucy fruit". What a guy. Nice column Tom.

ann norton

I saw this morning in your sports section that 95% of the people in the NY area, I beieve it was, think the NBA games are fixed somehow. I do not feel quite so dumb after seeing that. If everything is on the up and up, there should not be an appearance of games being decided in favor of one team or another. Or some players being favorites. This does not bode well for the NBA. The teams do not make money without the fans to watch them play. Except for the TV payments. If everyone stops watching, they will not be on TV. We seldom watch an NBA game at our house. We watch all the college games, though. But that is another subject!!

Enjoy your articles. When you find a bad thing to expose, you will win a pulitzer prize!

Jerry Pardue

To say that the series may not go seven games proves that it is not fixed is to show shortsightedness that I would not expect from you.
To add, of course the game is fixed, and the proof goes back to the Spurs vs. Laker series in which the foul at the end of the game that was not called is evidence.
Now, I don't know why the call that was not made came to be, may or maybe not pressure on the ref from the front office or the governing board not to make a call that changed the result and I don't know what the motives are but, these calls affect the outcome of the game just as much as the calls that are made and they have gone on ever since I can remember.
The NBA governing body is silent and seems to believe that the level of scrutiny should be different at the end of the game than the rest of the game. This mindset fixes the games no matter what the basis.

On Occasion

The Laker's loss / Celtic's win proves nothing. The vast majority of us do not believe that ALL NBA games are fixed or even ALL key games/series are fixed. The belief is that on occasion the NBA leadership or the refs themselves play a role in the outcome of a game or the performance of a NBA star.

I am a big Michael Jordan fan, but it would be hard to deny that the refs did not give him the benefit of most calls during his last 2 years in the league.

Frankie Bob Sux

What kind of name is Frankie Bob?
Mr. Bob, get a life you idiot.
While you're at it, change your name.
If you have a problem with the Observer or Tom, then quit reading it.

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