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Rhys Lloyd played college football for the University of Minnesota. His positive, outgoing, fearless personality and zest for life in general made him a favorite of then Head Coach Glen Mason. Lloyd has total passion for the game of football and supreme self confidence in his ability to split the uprights. He was always shocked--SHOCKED!--when Mason declined to send him into a game for a field goal attempt whenever the Gophers faced fourth down within 60 yards of their opponent's goal line. I hope that Rhys Lloyd has the time of his life playing for the Carolina Panthers.

Real Players Only

Please write articles about the real football players.



"realplayers only", You are pathetic. Your moniker should be "real-jerk-only". You have to be a dubbyah worshiper.

A Charlotte Observer

Dude, for whats its worth that new pic of you on the front looks like a combo of Jay Lenos chin and Herman Munster. That old one on this page is the best you will ever take and you look like a race car driver or high school football coach badazz mutha fuka but that new one totally SUX so it may be wise to stick with it but thats your call..


This guy is a great addition to the team field position was a huge problem last year
definitely a good idea to have 2 kickers -the guy is a special teams player anyway

Ditch The Midget Smith Thug

Whatever .. but concerning the little midget thug Steve Smith he needs to be traded and get his scrawny ass (without pads on)out of Charlotte North Carolina as soon as possible.
NC law give a dawg one free bite.

Steve Smith got his free bite a few yrs ago and now he must pay the price of his actions. A 2 game suspension and fine is peanuts.
Smith is overrated anyway. If a 5'7" guy can make it big in the NFL thats self explanatory. He did nothing in high school as a shrimp and went to a junior college 2 yrs before going to some unknown weakling Mountain West conf western school like Utah.

Anyone remember his 1st season fumbling out of fright 10 times on kickoff special teams?

Smith should be history. JR is just a big wus to keep this little midget thug around scared to punch anyone bigger than a CB or someone he knows wont hit back.

It is sickening to listen to wimp sport nutjobs take up for this thug. Ditch this punk. What another major mistake to resign butter fingered Moose over the hiller who is washed up and will retire after this season anyway? Who makes these dumb decisions? Moose was mediocre in college at Mich and a high school linebacker walkon anyway. He had one good yr for the Cats. All the rest sucked.


hope he makes it, seems cool, we could sure use some touchbacks

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