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No Chris Berman? Must not be a real sport!!
I enjoyed the mens final immensely, could've cared less about the Williams sisters playing each other though.
See you at the Y this week?


Great job by those clowns at wcnc breaking in probably the best wimbledon final in history...who can't look out the window and see that it's pouring outside!!!


Yeah the weather disruptions were a pain. Thankfully, ESPN Classic is reairing the match tomorrow evening. I have been watching tennis for 20 years and this is the best match I can ever recall watching.


WCNCs coverage had to be the worst ever. Breaking in and going full screen to say there is a thunderstorm and tornado warning 50 times during a Grand Slam Final is inexcusable. Could have been handled with just a text scroll...which they finally started doing after the break-in...but again they did it over and over again, stating the exact same thing!

WCNC is a bunch of frakking idiots!

...whatever Tom.


btw - great match! It would have been Fed's had he converted a few of those break points and not had 52 unforced errors.

again, just because it needs to be said again so hopefully they get the point...WCNC is a bunch of idiots. Think they would have done that to the Super Bowl! They'll warn you first! What a joke...

Troy McClure

Yep, best match I've ever seen, but your comments completely disparage this "fading" sport. Federer is "aging", in comparison to what, a guy just now allowed to drink? He's 26 years old. Does anyone ever actually READ what you write before it goes to press?


very good match, best ever??? I don't think so!!!! How long have you guys been watching this sport. Do I need to name some classic matchups? Borg/Connors, johnny mac/ connors, johnny mac and anybody!!!!! Yesterday had great volleys, a great comeback, but these two have the personality of john stockton and karl Malone.

How bout boris Becker and Ivan lendal, and who can ignore Sampras and agasi, sampras still the greatest player EVER!!!!! In his prime he would have crushed these two.

David McKnight

At least when this magnificent championship match finally ended, no announcer said: "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

Of course, by that time it was dark anyway on the storied Wimbleton centre court.

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