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Orange Chuck

Tell Steve if he is feeling unappreciated, try coaching Syracuse for a season haha. He does have it hard at USC playing SEC rivals and sometimes I think he enjoys stiring the pot with Clemson as well. I smell football in the air and I love it.

Bill Shelton

Tom, Uncle Bob is or was a member at the Dowd YMCA with us and in the late eighties a member of my bible study group there. He was a class guy and always talking about football and Steve Spurrier as player and coach.

Tiger Fan in GA

The Old Ball Coach can suggest what the Gamecocks record might be if they played Clemson's schedule, but the only yardstick that really counts is head-to-head. Cry baby Steve is 1-2 versus Clemson since going to USC.


At least he doesn't cry on camera or on cue. And the SEC is what counts to us. Yeah, it's nice if we beat CU, but I'd rather beat the SEC teams.


How much does one get paid for a 300 word fluff piece on the decor of Spurrier's office? I'm hoping this is just his blog and he doesn't actually draw his entire paycheck on light-weight candy-articles like that.

Clearly, SC is better than Clemson because it has to play in the SEC. After all, if SC only had to play in the ACC every year, it would win almost every game.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that SC consistently beats Clemson in football year in and year out...



Steve, Steve. The all time Clemson/USC record says it all.... 63-37-4. Clemson would easily better respresent any league that USC is in.


Clemson and its fans suck!!!!!!!!! Enjoy being the best football team in a basketball conference!!!!!!!! Yah


True! True!!


Last I checked SC plays their schedule & Clemson plays their own schedule. Sounds like the ole ball coach is crying.

He shouldn't worry about who, when, & where Clemson plays until his team plays them.
Sounds like sour grapes. Last time I checked he's 1-2 versus Clemson & according to a lot of Gamecock fans (not all some are realistic, trust me I know Clemson has unrealistic fans as well)he was suppossed to dominate Clemson because you know he's GOD of Football!
I agree with the one SC fan on the board in an earlier post... Might want to worry about your conference opponents, and take one game at a time, and quit his cry baby ways.

Last time I checked if you work hard, and not look over your shoulder all the times worrying about Clemson - good things will happen. Sounds like he thought his repuation would just get him over hump, and would easily beat Clemson year after year. I guess ugly real facts have come and hit him square in the head!


IF USC played Clemson's schedule???? USC was a charter/founding member of the ACC and left the conference. Please stop with the excuses and win a SEC championship in something...Only one team at USC was above .500 in the SEC conference last year. The last thing Carolina needs is a coach that uses the same excuses as the fans do.

Old ball choke

Steve better stop worrying about Clemson and concentrate on The Citadel. Last time those two met it wasn't pretty for the yardbirds.

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