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It was Don King coming to sign Steve Smith to a long term pay per view deal!


Maybe it was "Packman" as WFNZ broadcast live from camp. 3-7pm today.

Mike Goldberg

Carl, more likely it was Dana White pres of the UFC. Pro boxing doesn't allow a boxer to punch someone when they're down on one knee.


It was Jeff Spencer. Apparently he is back in town.

Bill Auvil

Sorensen, don't you have anything better to write about. Maybe some interesting Panthers news. Who cares about the Limo?

Rick Flair

You didn't recognize me? Woooooooo!


It was Mr. Spencer, he had a meeting with the owners of my company afterwards. He was looking into purchasing The Park.


It was Mr. Spencer, he had a meeting with the owners of my company afterwards. He was looking into purchasing The Park.


I heard that Spencer guy wanted to make a play to buy the team last year. I saw him out in Miami one night, guy looks like he can't be older than 30.


Jeffery Spencer also made a play three years ago to purchase the then Seattle Supersonics. Guy has deep pockets, I am not sure how he came into it. He does look very young. I heard he went to college in NC, somewhere in the Mountains.

Sorry for Parting

If this Spencer guy will get rid of Hurney I am all for it.


I guess that Spencer guy was being conspicuous in that limo for hire, his silver Ferrari has been parked outside of the Westin for the last 4 or 5 days.


I ran into Jeff in downtown CLT Tuesday night, all he would say was that he was intown for business. He was said something about interviewing Womble Carlyle and Johnston Allison & Hoard. Something about a merger...he has always said he wants the Panthers.


Tom - you're a totally useless complete boob of a journalist. You suck.


It was Bill Bellycheater filming the practice.


spencer has a lamborghini murcialago (it is silver), he normally stays at the marriott, and he's a prick

Trade Smith & Muhammed

Yea whatever. But reference the 1st game where were the Panthers 2 great stars in this opening win?
You know the pint size LA thug Steve Smith who sucker punched his 2nd teamate since he got here several yrs back? He was a non-factor and even fans dont like this punk anymore. He sux bigtime.

And then theres traitor WR butter fingers Muhammed who thinks he can waltz in and out and join any team he wants and then casually return like a cool dude? Please. He sux. This guy over his career got 10 times more passes then he deserved and caught about 50% of them. The Bears werent fooled. His overall production numbers are very decieving.

It was so good to see these 2 "leaders" do nothing while others took over.

We say bench or trade both. Smith has def shot his wad one to many times and Moose is a dinosaur and a big joke. A has been that never was.


Tom, ignore those who can do nothing but criticize; the majority enjoy a unique perspective on the team, as well as the on-field info that you provide. Not all of us can go to camp, so it's fun to read about it. Thanks!


Was it this dude?



wow whoever thast faggot was posting about trading smith and moose was is an idiot....what an ignorant moron....hes proly some prick that lives in charlotte and thinks the redskins are somewhat good

low down

so lucas be ballin on hiz street down low punkazz and this was back pay? lucas dont play that chit lowrider. we need to clean these punkazzez out the league. it aint cool. pack yo bagz ho busta. hope yo wife dont catch what u got.

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