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Joe Herold

Tom, I don't agree with you very often but your comments here are perfect. The USA has typically fielded a very representative boxing team in the Olympics. The people (coaches) that got our fighters to that level should be allowed to coach their boxers through the really important portions of their quest. Somehow, the millions that are spent on the Olympics by the USA should come to realize that fact. Properly support our boxers when it counts.

Dan C.

I'd also have to agree that Olympic boxing is unwatchable. It is certaintly "amateur" in every sense of the word. The athletes have no real training and flail wildly. Simple tactics such as keeping ones hands up are completely ignored. It makes me angry to watch how fundamentally unsound every boxer is.


I havent see a good USA showing in Olympic boxing since the '76 team took 5 gold medals. That team had 3 professional world champions. Ray Leonard, Leon and Michael Spinks. Though some would argue Ray was the best I believe Michael was the best of them all, holding the Lt. Heavyweight and Heavyweight Titles at the same time.

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