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voice of reason

so when Eli gets injuted, Carr's true self will emerge and get sacked 25 times.

who cares... "this barely qualifies as news"

wow David Carr beat a team of rookies and second/third stringers from Nen England. it that was an actual game with NE's starters he would have went 2-29 passing been sacked 6 times and intercepted twice.

PS giants will MISS THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR... mark my words... the loss of Stahan and OSI Uminora, will wreck this defense that was so "dominant" last season. I cant wait till i hear the Boo Birds from Giants fans and the calling for Eli/Carr/ and Coughlins jobs again..


Tom, I like you, but come get off J. Fox Jock! are you afraid to be super critical of him as you fear you would be black balled among the beat reporters?? Listen the reality is this (I am not a carr fan and admit he was terrible here last year) HOWEVER!
The real story is this, CArr's last season in houston was solid, he lead the NFL in completion percentage (on a bad team)
He then comes here and plays bad under Fox/Davidson....He then leaves here and goes to Giants and shockingly looks GREAT! what does that tell anyone with a brain that knows football....Well it tells me this.
A guy did well before getting here and did well after! leaving here! but bad here...what's the common denominator to his poor play (Fox/Davidson) and their pathetic play calling! I am not saying it's all on them....but with these facts one has to concluded Fox and his unproven O.C. were just to much to blame with our pathetic pass game last year as carr was....that's All I am saying....and you see to know football and you know this as well...but..for whatever reason...didn't feel the correct time and place...to piss off a guy you have to question all season long.....I feel you so I will do it for you! lol...


I think the Panthers should have given him another year. New team, new system, same OL problems. Plus he had the back injury early on and i still feel that had a lot to do with his deer in the head lights persona on the field. I still think there is football left in him, just a matter of being able to gain some confidence. Other than Jake the Panthers do not give any QB a decent chance to prove themselves. Always bringing in the newest project. Eventually they will need to learn to develop a guy.


I too am glad to see Carr doing better. I think that somewhere last year we missed an opportunity. As with Kerry Collins, the right coaching and/or mentoring may have saved a potentially great player - otherwise destined to go down the tubes.


If that picture is of David, then he is playing without his Michael Jackson gloves. Is it coincidence that he is suddenly playing better after ditching the gloves? Just a thought!

Wayne D

I'm not particularly a Carr fan, either, but Cheven's comments are worth noting. This regime certainly has had a lot of trouble getting a handle on the QB situation. They really don't seem to know what they're doing. The very-perplexing Basanez situation is just the latest example - they invest 3 years in him, he turns in a solid performance in preseason, and then at thelast minute they decide to turn their backs on him and shut him out (bringing in someone who has never proven anything, and is completely unfamiliar with the Panthers' system). Not the actions of someone who knows what they're doing. Who knows, maybe Carr is actually not bad and may succeed elsewhere? But it was and is obvious he never had a chance with the Panthers. I wish him good luck with the Giants.


To voice of reason: Educate yourself, then you might be able to say something intelligent. Sorenson writes editorials, not hard news.

If you're so anti Panther then why do you bother reading and responding to the articles? Move to Atlanta or Jacksonville and take your useless negative views with you. Charlotte doesn't need or want you.


Cheven you're so right about the brain thing, unfortunately you don't qualify.


i'd rather have josh mccown and matt moore than david carr

voice of reason

pitchwedge :

how about YOU educate yourself...read my statement again... where does it say i am ANTI panthers. I like the panters - if anything i am ANTI- David Carr

I am stating that the GIANTS will falter this year and miss the playoffs. Carr beat a bad football team in NE of second stringers.. lets see him try to beat the Patriots first string team.. he would have goten crushed

pitchwedge - you are a TOOL!

REAL fan

its easy for a veteran to look good against 3rd string. I could compete against 3rd stringers. Not impressed by Carrs play, good that hes on another team but hes not as good when the real players come out. We have Jake, Moore and now McCown who looked better last year with the RAIDERS. Come on people if you can look ok with a horrible team (1st stringers at that at least) then youll be better on a good team. Hes better than Carr.

Should we bring up the Weinke ordeal again?

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