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Go Vikes!!!


What? It's not noisy at the BOA Library.

It's fun playing in the NFL when you have fans not wearing dockers and button-ups. So 1950's. How bout an article on how lame the crowd is at BOA? If they're not 32 of 32 tell me who is...


Steven, you are a douche bag. Get a life.

Nattering Nabob of Negativism

Lets face it. Steve Smith is a fucking CURSE on the Panthers. No getting around it. The rest of the season will be tainted and wimpy Charles Chandler has his head so far up Smiths ass all the time its a wonder he can ever get time to adore him so much.

The 60s Viks of old with Joe Kapps Purple People Eaters who played outdoors never had to worry about fan loudness because they were outside and unmiked.

We also know they are the cheapest bastards in pro sports and turned down a new stadium a few yrs ago not built from Home Depot defective material although its hard to squeeze blood from Minnetonka indians we know that dosent have a 2.0 alcohol content.

Hard to believe they play baseball and football in this tin can with the canvas roof. Damn cheap assholes. And the fucking bridges are falling into the river killing the poor souls who dare drive on them.

Lastly the Viks suck big ones not because of their suckass el cheapo indoor pos tin can arena but because they snubbed their #1 high school and college player that ever came out of the twin cities or St Paul with Heisman winner FSUer Chris Weinke who got screwed by Fox.

Lasting and changing the subject we blame the Viks and Twins idiots for not taking CW since he was equally good at both sports and could have played both. This showed ultimate snobbery to one of their own who could have been the greatest alltime as a 1st baseman or QB. Stupidity!


Tom, I disagree,, I was at 2 Seattle games, and they were alot louder..And San Diego this year was really loud...Panthers will get there, they were that loud in 1996,, and Undefeated at home (8-0)..


I'm tired of all the crap about the fans at BOA. I sit low in the bowl and the place rocks when the Panthers are on D and playing well. If they play like crap (1st Qtr against Bears) we sit. Any NFL city is the same....been to all of 'em.


I was at the game and yes the Viking fans are very loud. I am a true panther fan but the Vikings are a way better team than the panthers. Jared Allen made Julius Peppers look like a high schooler. I saw Julius get stood up by the Vikings running backs on several different occasions. He is a below average player in my book. It was almost like Julius was going half speed although he did get a sack. We panther fans need to take a page out of Minnesota's book. They are truly class individuals up there and they support the Vikings through the good and bad times.

Charlotte Pro Sports

Somebody help TS with his math in his old age since 15 yrs ago was 1993. It was also beloved George Shinn who put Charlotte on the map with the first pro mainstream NBA Hornets in 1988 at the brand new Tyvola road Colisium that opened up with the giant new score board falling to the floor and crashing the day after Mayor Sue Myrick had christened the huge expansive 23k seat joint.

1988s NBA Hornet team was led by 1st pick former Kentucky rookie Rex Chapman, Notre Dame star Kelly Tripuka ex-UCLA star Kurt Rambis, Wakes Mugsey Bogues along with Dell Curry and a few others like Earl Cureton Tim Kempton Stuart Gray Rickey Greene and Robert Reid.

Before Shinn ,who had to sell all his 50 business schools begging NBA Commish David Stern who finally gave in just to get him off his back, Charlotte was labled a backwater sports dead mid sized city of over 300k. A sports editor in Phoenix quipped the only franchise it would get would be with golden arches.

The 1A baseball Os were playing in a little league sized park as 65 yr old wooden Clark Griffin Stadium had burned down in the late 70s down Marsh Rd off South Blvd where they had played with the old 1A Hornets. Shinn bought the Os and sold them to Greensboro and built a new 10k seat Knights Stadium just below Carowinds and brought 3A Chicago Cub farm here for the 1st time.

The minor league Checkers left town in the 70s drawing 500 per hockey match.
Crocketts Mid-Atlantic Coast Wrestling who discovered Ric Flair and many others was on the verge of being bought out by Ted Turner and moved to Atlanta as WCW to later be bought later by Vince McMahons WWF.
Wachovia Bank was still in Winston Salem. Bank of America was a much smaller regional Hugh McColls Nations Bank and hadnt merged with international BankAmerica in SF. First Union was a struggling mid sized bank.
A new airport was built as US Air bought Piedmont Airlines and a became a hub.
The beltway was being argued since the 70s.
UNCC had 10k students.
The list goes on ...

There was the NASCAR track that had put Charlotte on the map with the Charlotte Motor Speedway owned by Bruton Smith since 1958. Elvis made a Hollywood movie "Speedway" here in 1968.
And there was the world famous and later infamous Jim and Tammy Bakker PTL show ....

NASCAR was tech the first bigtime event for Charlotte and later PTL but we know the real deal was alltime beloved George Shinn sticking his neck out getting the NBA to to put the city on the mainsteam professional bigtime map that brought Dennys Spartan foods owner ex-Colt Jerry Richardson from Spartanburg to get the NFL franschise in 1995.

Smith Shinn Richardson were the 3 founding fathers of pro sports in Charlotte.

The rest is history ...

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