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Last seconds End Zone pass in Miami. It's a perfect pass in the receivers "gloves". All college recruits are expected to catch the easy pass. Game over ..... home team celebrates; but that is why the alumni fill the stands and they "play the game". Excitement watching 18 and 19 year old kids play a game.


Paul Newman was a true American icon and hero that you loved to watch mature into numerous movie roles. Paul was also the "John Wayne" of auto racing. Paul was always fearless at any age. As with John Wayne, many will miss Paul Newman and have fond memories for the rest of their lives.

J East

hey Tom. You are a complete douchebag


To me the clemson blame points directly to the coach who after all these years seems to be the common denominator to all thier problems. All that talent but can't translate to the field.

AND last year they up'ed his contract! So we're stuck for near to long term with Bowden and my ever growing disinterest in painfully watching clemson each week.

Life is too short.

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