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OK. Heres the real deal. Get rid of this lil thugazz jerk midget Steve Smith who acts like he is the whole team. He hurts more than he helps. He steals the spotlight and prevents other players from reaching their potential. Its called the short guy syndrone. Inferiority complex. The Cats would be 0-2 right now had he not hauled off and sucker punched Kennyboy like any good chickenshit.Dont worry he will do it again and again ... Itz the LA thug thing. Tupac said said it right. Everybody in LA got a little thug in em. Everybody conveniently forgets Smith has also hit opposing playerz and been penalized in the past. Trade the little bastard. JR been asleep? Smith is a joke. The only thing the Panthers need is a good back up QB in case the old guy Jake who has done pretty good gets hurt again. Screw some 5ft midget WR. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. There is no way the Panthers would have won 2 close games because they would have been looking for Smith to save them and he would never have come through as usual and you cant depend on dinosaur Muhammed who the Bears canned for being lazy although he did wake up for his vendetta TD called back.

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