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And when he coached Clemson the NCAA set up a regional office in Tiger Town.


Bowden was an arrogant SOB who threw his players under the bus after the loss at Wake and then named Korn the QB to try to save his job. Good riddance.

Also, Danny Ford was a good coach, but let's remember why he left Clemson and how things ended at Arkansas too.


Rob Spence needs to be next on the chopping block

Clemson Fired Up

Obv Ford is a god at Clemson because he won their one and only first and last NCAA D1A title ever in 1981 over Nebraka 22-15 in the Orange Bowl.
Ford was around when OSU Woody Hayes went beserk and punched Tiger WR Charlie Bauman for an interception in the 1978 Gator Bowl that Clemson won 17-15 that led to Hayes 30 yr career and 2 titles termination.

Clemson fired Ford in 1989 who had taken over for Charlie Pell in 1978 who went to Gator cuntry. Bowden had coached at Tulane. Both fired from CU now.

Ford was 96-29-4 in 12 yrs with 6 bowl wins and a NCAA Title.
Bowden was 72-45 in 10 yrs with 3 bowl wins.

Both Ford and Bowden were born and raised in Alabama. Both baptized in SEC cuntry but Bowden wins the pedigree award.

Bowden was a perfect fit for Clemson. Had Bowden won a NCAA title he would have been worshipped as a god too.

TB should be named the next coach once Seminole Daddy Bobby and Nittany Lion Papa Joe finish their never ending game at who can live the longest to outdo the other in NCAA D1A winning.
Right now great grand pappies Bobby and Joe are trying to make it too their 100th birthdays and Joe has 2 more wins than Bobby at 379 vs 377 but this changes from week to week.
Bobby hits 80 on Nov 8th. Joe hits 82 on Dec 21th.

Rip Out The Dreads By The Roots

On another note is anybody sick and tired of those players in the NFL who wear those stupidass looking dread locks ?

Goddam what a crock. Its obviously black players since whites dont have the hair texture to twist them into those thick brains but damn its all over the place now including college and high school and even kid football teams. They everywhere they everywhere. Blame Bob Marley and reggae.

For some idiot reason these football players think it look cool to have 2 feet of ragdoll thick looking ropes hanging out the back of your football helmut.

This could be stopped by defensive players grabbing these pretty boy dreadlock ropes and make tackles and pulling them out by the roots of their scalps.

The NFL and NCAA really needs to outlaw dreadlocks before somebody begins to do this ripping hair flesh and blood at the same time.
And yes it is a holding penalty if either team grabs and holds the dreads for any length of time. This is why they would have to make a short quick rip of the hair from the head to avoid a 10 yarder.

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