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Yada yada yada ... Cubs? Its a Chicago thing. You wouldnt understand. Yea these assholios in gas line need to be jacked for breaking in line in ft of mostly females or wimps.

Also it is deju-vu puke to watch the washed up Mohammed clown do a rerun on his idiot wigglebutt dance when he catches one.
Ok OK, godddam hell after 15 yrz in the NFL he finally learned how to catch? Damn bout time eh? Just cut the stupid moronic showboat trash wigglebullshit and those weak moose calls in the stands mean you suck.

As far as lil meanie 5' Steve Smith. What a joke. Mr shortass temper midget a badass mother fucker? You aint no badass boy. All the badass mother fuckers be dead or in jail. This punk knows discression is the better part of valor and how to pick his fights. He sure dont be fucking with nobody who could peel his ass like a banana.

Atlanta? What a freakin joke. They sucked ass including the 2nd string qb. Pathetic team so Moose and Caboose could showoff. Their D&O sucked too.

Panthers have bigger fish to fry and better be training some of these new guys and forget the ballhawg duo...

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