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Primetime Listener

I get a stress fracture everytime I read you column.


Why is noone condeming the NCAA for always picking the POY before the Final4 is over? Hanbrough was the clear token pick 8 mos ago prematurely getting knocked off by RWs old Jayhawkers in a lop sided game. Why not wait until the end of the season to name the top player in the nation?

Also whatu up with that weak fluff article Sunday by Ron Green Jr ,who needs too stick to golf, concerning George Shinn. Shinn was playing with the boys mind pandering so bad it was laughable. Do you really think Shinn would have preferred to remain in the QC? Yes he lived 20 yrs off Carmel Rd in a 10k SF home & yes he is a Founding Father of pro sports in Charlotte/Carolinas selling his 50 trade schools to finance the Hornets in 1987 after begging DStern and using the 23k beautiful new Tyvola Arena that costs only 30 mill. The NFL followed and 3A baseball.

But Shinn has made mega millions in New Orleans and OkCty. He was losing mills here before he flew the coup or was run off. In the end taxpayers got the shaft with the 300 mill uptown Armory looking 18k seat area that is nice inside but too small and ugly outside.

Shinn lives like a fat cat in a 10 mill dollar pad on the beachft beside RLimbaugh in south Fl and makes a killing off his Bugs. Charlotte meanwhile got stuck with a 300 mill tax bill and a losing franchise where BJ is treated with kids gloves & still living in DC. Bend over.

Anybody sick of NFL and college players pointing to the sky/G-d with their index fingers when they score a TD or catch a pass or do good? Smith & Moose are the worse. Thankfully HS outlawed this in NC.

We want to know why in reverse when these showboat players do something bad like drop a pass or screwup why they dont point to the ground/Satan?

If G-d is responsible for doing good then wouldnt Satan be responsible for the bad plays?

Lets give credit where credit is due both ways heaven and hell as stupid as it is anyway ...

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