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Wang-dang Sweet-poontang. All you can eat


Charlotte should be so lucky to have the mix of ethnic food that Datroit has. Kowalski kielbasa is the best. Put some on a grill. Nothing better. Also, the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food in the country.


Really tom is this all you can find to write about. Food served in the press box. Who gives a ----. Another F calliber article by Charlotte's finest.

Joe Sixpack

Only eat real man food. Never eat or drink anything with a weird sounding foreign name. Sirloin, BBQ, hotdogs, and Bud or Coors is good.

All this other stuff with the cute gay fancy names is eaten by soft handed twink yups who think its cool. What a laugh.

Ex hippie Amboy Duker one hit wonder cat stratch boy Nugent only eats what he shoots and never the yup foreign junk. He lives in a shack 50 miles in the boonies anyway.

Nugent is a damn good guy plus likes NASCAR. All good rednecks must stick together these days. Real Americans. No DNC Obama scum allowed.

We like Joe the Plumber real good too.


Well, I guess you never been to Detroit...

we have great Polish and Greek food...you'd be lucky to eat some of it...

and Detroit favs like Sander's Ice Cream, Vernor's ginger ale, Coney dogs and fries, a Gyro...hell give the man a Packsi (pronounced poonsh ki)

Keeping It Real

Don't bother. It's obviously like putting lipstick on a pig.

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