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I find it repilsive that the sports media in this town continue to make this clown a celebrity. It happens in print and on the radio with our so-called "Sports Station". The same sports staion that brings you a home improvement show and some guy over nights who wants to act mor like Dr. Laura than a sports guy. Same for the local shows especially "Primetime". But back to this wrasslin idiot.

Ric Fliar IS NOT a celebrity. Take him to LA and people would think he was a ring master from the circus. His drinking antics are well know by any long time Charlotte resident. He is arrogant and narcistic. I am ashamed that he calls Charlotte home. How many times has this guy had run ins with law enforcement?

I wish The Observer could find more time for sports and less time for Entertainment Tonight like stories.


Before you correct my speliing (Repulsive)


Awww...leave Ric alone. He is a local legend and is a prominent part of the Queen City "cultural" history. (and I use cultural very loosely) Sure, he is like that uncle that shows up at your family reunion and you are not sure how he is going to act...but either way you know it won't be boring! I love him warts and all!


Gentry, you are an idiot! Ric Flair helped put Charlotte on the map. You must bae a Yankee transplant or something. We all grew up watching Ric "Style and Profile" for decades. He was the dirtiest player in the game and we all loved it.

I don't know why you would think he is arrogant or narcistic, he has done a lifetime of great things for the Charlotte area. He was always a mainstay at blood drives and social benefits. He was one of my heroes growing up and I, for one, will always give him credit for helping to bring fame and fortune to this area.

Gentry, I only have one word for you, Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Charlotte Native

Kinda sad that professional wrestling has fallen this far in Charlotte. Gone are the days when wrestlers were THE professional athletes and they lived among us, not in million dollar mansions. Ric Flair and Blackjack Mulligan lived over off of Monroe Rd. across from East Meck High School and The Super Destroyer lived on my street over off of Idlewild. I went to school with Blackjack's kids along with Baron Von Rashkes daughter. Gene (or was it Ole?) Anderson, in their spare time drove the bus for their kids school. Could you imagine a Panther or a Bobcat doing that?

Yeah, wrestling, for the most part is fake but these guys and gals were a part of our community like the Panthers or Bobcats will never be.


Get a life Gentry. Flair is the MAN! WHOAA!!! He may not be Charlotte's #1 athlete but he definitely is the #1 entertainer of all time and also a celebrity.


Thanks for the interst in my posting. I would have to argue that Mr. Flair has never helped with a rezoning issue, never helped recruit business, never fought against higher taxes. He is a out of date action figure. What a great thing that simple minded people can be entertained by this nonsense. And what ashame it is that our local sports section runs these silly articles. And one wonders why McCatchy is suffering? And for you simple minded folks (Wayne) McClatchy is the parent company of the Observer (parent company meaning owner). If you need pictures I could attach for your convenience.

And people wonder why Tom got "booted" from local sports talk radio.


Before the Hornets and before the Panthers, Charlotte had professional wrestling. Ric Flair continues to brag about Charlotte being a world class city and whether you like him or hate him... learn to love him ..because he's the best known personality claiming Charlotte as his hometown.

When his wrestling career ended, he didn't pack up and leave this city, he still contributes heavily to the economy of the Southpark and Downtown entertainment districts.

Ric may not be involved in a rezoning issues, but the local charities that he is in involved with wouldn't trade him for anybody else in the world.



I could care less about any athlete and their charity donations. Their actions speak loudly and Ric has been involved in more than one altercation.

Like I said, it takes a small mentality to enjoy wrestling.

Orange Chuck

Yeah Ric Flair isn't known outside Charlotte which is wy he is considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever to millions around the world, TMZ covers his moves when they see him in public and the Carolina Hurricanes use his "WHOOOO" at their games. Flair is a celebrity and just because you don't like him does not mean people don't like him. I have been out and about when he is around and everything stops and everyone watches his every move and asks for photos and autographs.


If they can get the Mulkeys on the card, I'd pay twenty to see it. Mulkeymania, baby, jumping all over you!


Flair has done more for sports in this area since the Kangaroo Kid, Billy Cunningham did for the Carolina Cougars (ABA basketball for you young idiots). Any who says otherwise are freakin' idiots who need to be disenboweled.


I sat next to Ric on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte many years ago.

What a phony. What a pussy.He got airsick when we hit a few bumps along the way. Pores were oozing alchohol I am sure from the night before....

All sizzle, no steak....I am sure glad my five children don't see him as a hero....they see him as a drunk phony.

I have lived in Charlotte twenty years and yes, I m a damn yankee from Cleveland, Ohio.

I love Charlotte and am proud to call it home.We are blessed with mnay sports heroes in this town;Beurlein, Kasay, Curry, Minter just to name a few.......


We have so many more real athletes in Charlotte we should be proud of.

Beurlein, Kasay, Curry and Minter just to name a few....

Yeah, he's always out and about and everytime I have seen him, he is drunk out of his mind and making a fool out of himself and his punk children...

He's a pussy too. I sat next to him on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte years ago and he got sick as a dog when we hit a little turbulence.

I guess booze and steroids don't mix well on a bumpy flight.

Shame on Charlotte for embracing him.

No wonder our kids are so mcrewed up......

We don't need Ric Flair to represent our town...We have many more people much more worthy and deserving....

Ric is all sizzle, no steak. OVERRATED!


DK and Gentry are just jealous of Flair. He probably took women they were hitting on at the bar on a ride to "space Mountain". Gentry, only a douche-bag would put down a whole group of people the way you do.


Actually I like my women to be able to carry on a conversation. Not woried about that fat slob taking my lovely wife of 34 years.

Nice story you Flair fans may like. But when you are so blind to his negative actions not much will sway your opinion.

Tiffany Flair, the estranged wife of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, made her second appearance on the Unholy Matrimony internet radio show on Sunday night. You can listen to her appearance here - she joins this week’s show at around the 60 minute mark.

Tiffany had nothing but negative things to say about her WWE Hall of Famer husband. The hosts noted that news of Flair’s fistfight with his daughter’s boyfriend broke the day after Tiffany last appeared on the show.

“I’m so happy to be out of the drama,” she said. “I really do love his kids, but the regular drama that comes with Ric, I’m so happy to be out of the drama.” She said Ric seems to create and like his drama. “It’s a part of the package.” The hosts joked that part of the reason they got divorced is Ric’s habit of dropping his pants in public, which got a big laugh from Tiffany.

Tiffany said she no longer speaks to Ric Flair, who has already moved on to a new girlfriend. “It’s not going to be a pretty situation.” She said they aren’t even close to a divorce settlement and must remained married until June due to North Carolina divorce laws. Rory joked that she had to keep him from spending all of his money before the divorce. “That’s a novel thought, huh?” she laughed.


Dear Briarhopper, yes Flair isn't good flying. Years ago he wouldn't even get on an airplane because it was raining and a little thunder. I was working that flight out of Charlotte.
Where is Wahoo?
I remember when they actually brought real blood.
Nothing but acting now.


Gentry, I understand your POV. professional wrestlers have never been the perfect role models for anyone. On the other hand, Tom has many readers that are interested in the nature boy and his where abouts. Now I do not agree that if flair and MJ were to walk into a charlotte resturant that flair would turn more heads than MJ. Let's face it, Flair would turn his head if MJ walked into the room.

But, I just don't understand your anger toward Tom, and what is written on our sports page. It's the sports page, take a deep breath and learn to laugh, it's all meant to make you laugh. Deeeeeeep breaths.

Keith Allen

Hi Tom,

Enjoy reading some of your articles but w/Ric Flair I have to respectfully disagree w/u. You & he may get along well due to your position or who hang around with but I've ran into him several times in the S. Park area and find him totally disgusting. I was on a date and heard him try to bring constant attention to himself by yelling his trademark "Woooo" and also tell the bartenders he would autograph a picture of himself naked. I find him arrogant, egostistical and and outright bore. If you want to try and make him out to be a great guy please save your ink. I tried to just say hello and keep walking and he didn't have to courtesy to speak back. Now when I run into him he tries to be nice and I politely blow him off. Don't have time for his needless drama and at 60 he should learn a little bit from his mistakes. They say birds of a feather flock together, are you and Ric cut from the same cloth?

Jack Windham

This is a response to the first comment.

Ric Flair was actually in Los Angeles not too long ago. He was out having dinner, and there were several people that were excited to see him. He was recognized by a lot of people. TMZ even covered the incidents.

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