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On TV, when DeAngelo Williams threw the game-winning ball to some Panthers fans, the Packers fans behind them very clearly leaned in and spiked it to the ground... not terribly sporting.


Its good to see Steve Smith has turned to wrestling instead of cold cock punches on unsuspected players now. At least he made a half decent circus catch and earned a little of those millions he is overpaid although routinely youth players in Pop Warner, Middle School and High School make catches all day long like this and much better without fanfare or self adulation. We hear Vince McMahon at WWE who grew up in Moore County NC (Pinehurst)and was an offense lineman for Moore County HS in the early 60s before taking over the family wrestling business, may be interested in hiring SmittyBoy as a since he loves the limelight and pumping his chest and now turned into a wrestler.


Yeh, my wife and I are still mad over that fully decked out Packers fan forcing his way into the Panthers fans seating from behind and slamming the winning ball back down onto the field!

I hope someone can figure out who the fans were and get them a signed ball (especially if a kid was involved). Was really a cruel thing to do to ANY fan no matter the game situation.

Richard Sterling

I was at the game. Lambeau is truly an incredible place to be and the fans were as described - great people. I did meet a group of Carolina fans that were on the front row. After the game one had a game ball - I didn't see the incident described but maybe it did have a happy ending after all.

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