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So, the guy who doesn't give a flip what anyone thinks makes a living that depends on other people caring what he thinks? Ironic, huh?

Maybe we should all take your advice, which would send you on your way to 'early retirement'. Thanks for the suttle suggestion.


I understand you're point, but we want to defend where we're from and what we love. If some idiot from Philly bad mouths a place he's probably never been I say *#!*& him. Peter King works with the rest of those idiots at NBC. You hang around Costas, Barber and Collinsworth you're bound to have some stupid rub off on you.


Nice article for us all to think about. You're right as usual Tom (in the short term).
However, long term it does matter what Silver and King, et.al. think. The most successful NFL franchises are not necessarily the ones with the best teams (Dallas and Washington for example). They are always in the news, always being talked about, always the headline for sports commentators. That is what the public sees and those are the jerseys and tickets the public most often buy. Long term it does matter to us because we all want our team to succeed. We want Mr. Richardson to make more money than any other franchise. We want him to build us the best team and the best stadium in the world. Panther Pride!


I don't know about 9th best team in the nfl but I do not think we are top 3. Simply because the schedule has been Easy! and our QB is not having a good season and you put his play vs better teams (which he will see in the playoffs and later weeks of the year) then we lose! and that concerns me. I don't have a problem with peter king article. as for you Tom...shove it up yours! you idiot! Everyone! cares what other think! if they say they don't care what anyone thinks of them they are lying! They may not care what a particular group thinks! but everyone cares what some people think! Why do they grab a mint after dinner at Restaraunt? Why put on make up before t.v. interview? Why put on lotion? Why Comb your hair? it has nothing to do with your health? BECAUSE U CARE! what ppl think! that's why you do all those things.....JEEEZZZZ get real......I don't care what peter king thinks...but I value a outsiders opinion (at least the ones that watch panther games! because most espn guys don't! and pretend too) but I value their opinion because they can be "objective" and not be homers! like some local writers who are afraid of stepping on panther player and coaches toes and being black balled in the in interview department which wouldn't be smart for their paper or career.

Jon in DC


Write on man!


Don't knock someone's job unless you can do it better. By this, I mean the word is "subtle" not suttle.


"You hang around Costas, Barber and Collinsworth you're bound to have some stupid rub off on you."

When I think of "stupid" and "NBC", I usually think of Keith Olbermann. But maybe that's just me.

What Peter King thinks about the Panthers is irrelevant. The only thing that matters right now is that the Panthers keep winning. They're 8-2 right now, but they've not done ANYTHING until they wrap up the division. And that's not likely to happen until the last week or two of the season, and it will NOT happen if they slack off.


One great example of disrespect was during NBC's Football Night in America program after the Saint's-Panthers game. The talk was more about how bad the Saint's were than how good the Panthers are. Chris Collinsworth is at fault and Peter King is apart of the same show. The Panthers get no love and we get the worst commentators there are. John Baker, Jake Delahome geez guys do your research before you come to town and broadcast a show. Again no respect...


Well, thats coming from someone who did not grow up in Charlotte (Tom). If he did, he would understand. I remember how emotional I got when we got the Hornets and then the Panthers. For someone to disrespect Charlotte, or NC and people here and teams here, then I say, "Lets fight dude". You can't go to Philly, walk in a sports bar and yell out "I hate the Eagles" without getting mobbed. It should be that way here. Instead there are Steeler tags, Cowboys, Redskins EVERYWHERE. That sucks. But until we unite and stand for what we believe and tell Tom he is wrong-then we will change nothing. I've noticed we really don't have many hometown writers supporting us and I would like to see them go somewhere else. Fowler is another one-what a freakin joke. Stay away Tom or you just might get your feelings hurt-


Wow. A journalist with a code of ethics that doesn't allow him to criticize another journalist. Hey your profession was outed a long time ago and I think most people would trust a used car dealer before they would a journalist. There are no scruples.


Posters suggesting that Peter King's opinion does matter have a point. In an ideal world, his opinion shouldn't. But our culture lives for critical acclaim - a couple of bad reviews can sink a movie. So a well respected writer can do some damage with a negative review. Are the chances of Smith, Peppers, Beason and Harris going to the pro bowl negatively impacted? They could be, and that may end up taking money out of their pockets in incentives or endorsements. Negative reviews and a dearth of 'star' players may mean fewer prime-time games. And national exposure is the engine which will expand the fan base. So, yes, it does matter. When you have a good product, it needs to be sold. There are at least 6 games left to play. If the Panthers are as good as we think they are, PK will come around.


Love that you wrote Peter King. He's lucky there was no comment section there...I was pi$$-ed as well....


THE CAROLINA PANTHERS ARE THE THIRD BEST TEAM IN THE NFL BEHIND TENNESSEE AND NEW YORK! We don't get the respect we deserve and I do wish to defend my team. I am just more excited about this Super Bowl run under the radar then discussing how you don't care what anybody else thinks. I will allow my actions to speak much more loudly than any of these words in this comment which you don't even care enough about to read.


Kobe was drafted by the Hornets. I wonder why a top 10 all time player refused to play here. Do you think Kobe could've filled the stands? Do you think the Hornets would have left? Do you think that adversely affected the city?

Sadly, some one who sneaks into more exposure than any of his columns about dancing with the stars and his favorite patriot player/patriot moments ever warrant has more impact than you might expect.

To continue the diatribe, it just bothers me that I feel I could probably expound more knowledge about teams around the league than these trendy journalists. I often wonder how many games they actually watch a week or do they just watch espn and formulate their opinions based on that like people who don't get paid to analyze the game. Just because King has a conversation with Braylon Edwards is his opinion more valid? It's like reading a journalists editorial on scientific issues: grating and malinformed


I am a big Panther fan. I love them; I really do. But to call them the 9th best team in the NFL is fair, and maybe generous. Let's see what happens this weekend; they win, they are the 9th best or maybe betterl, and I am wrong. They lose, and the 9th best is more than generous.


If I were a malevolent dictator, I would set a decree that anyone who griped about their team getting "NO RESPECT" would be taken out and shot.

I'm neither malevolent nor a dictator, so nobody get upset, but really. Shut the somethingorother up, already.

The notion that Sports Illustrated, which picked us to go to the Super Bowl like three times in the past five years, somehow "doesn't respect" the Panthers is just idiotic. Really. You should be embarrassed for yourselves.

King is wrong -- we're at least the sixth best team in the country. But, since this isn't college football, thank goodness, it doesn't matter. None of it matters. Get over it and act like grownups, instead of babies who need to be told that their favorite team is great every five minutes.


Sorensen is the lamest of a lame bunch of Charlotte Observer sportwsriters. He doesn't defend the Panthers or Charlotte against Philly writers or Peter King not because he thinks their opinions don't matter, but because he doesn't want to get housed in public. In a battle of wits he is an unarmed man and if he tried to get sporty with another writer they would dress him down. He has been more than willing to take shots at Charlotte over the years, laughing at their banker's khakis or their 3rd quarter fans, but he wouldn't dare take a shot at Philly fans because they might hit back. Go back to Minnesota Tom--that all black clothing look is still in there.


I think that its funny that everyone considers our schedule easy. Yes there are some easy games but look at the body of work

San Diego-preseason SI superbowl champs
Chicago- 5-5 (started the season on a roll and at times when healthy pretty impressive)
Then steve smith came back
Atlanta- everyone's resurgent team
Kansas City-easy
New Orleans- Everyone talks about their great team (honestly get more respect than us)
Arizona-Division leader looking impressive every week
Oakland- Not much to be said
Detroit- Not much to be said

There are some easy games but the expectations for many teams that we have beat were high and for some teams they still are. I believe if we can get wins at Atlanta and Green Bay 10-2 going into Monday Night with Tampa we should finally get some respect. We are like Rodney Dangerfield "WE GET NO RESPECT!!!"


I would rather see the panthers always blow other teams out, but it didn't do much good for the Patriots last year did it? What I really want is a team that plays with heart and executes well. What turns me off is lack of effort and poor/sloppy playing and coaching. I started watching football in 1996 when the Panthers went to the NFC playoff game. I thought they were supposed to do it every year. I am thankful for 8-2. It could be 0-10. Mr. Richardson isn't getting any younger either. I would love to see his team win it all.


Good piece of writting Tom!
You are right on!

If the Panthers need attention or desire it or the fans need the attention pointed toward Charlottes team, Then the Panthers can really begin to show that they deserve it this weekend against a 6 and 4 Atlanta squad.

In my opinion, it's Scheme and a true desire to Win!

Lets see this weekend on the road, if the Panthers deserve 9-2 attention and prove Peter King Wrong - or right...


Amen, brother. All that matters is wins and losses. And if they lose, so what? Does that make us less as people and less as a city? Certainly not. All these people who get worked up over another person's opinion of a football team that plays in our market have too much time on their hands.


You like Philly because you've never lived there! Try driving through North Philly any time of the day, they take your tires off at a red light!
Part of why I'm here and loving it.


If you want the best opinion, listen to what guys who played and coached say. They are not professional journalists. Guys like Olberman and Peter King are professional opinion writers and they write stuff that is provocative over correct and aimed at the biggest media markets possible over fair and balanced reporting. Guys like Maddon, Jaws, Tom Jackson, even Collinsworth all give the Panters a pretty fair shake. That is because these guys actually know the game and formulate objective opinion based on what goes on on the field, not just kiss up to the major market teams. Even when Dallas and Washington stink, pundits will always talk about them more, but not the real football guys, they normally tell it like it is.


i live in shelby and cannot stand the sports writers we have. Tom would fit in with this bunch. We as fans of the panthers aren't supposed to care whtat other writers think? If we didn't care we wouldn't read any ot the garbage that tom gets the privledge to write every week. this is it for me this article or entry whatever you wont to call it. i am finished with him. Go panthers! tom get a life nd get a job writing instruction manuals.


I remeber in 03' wishing we got more nat'l pub and how disrepected I thought the Panthers were all season. It was frustrating. I learned throught that season not to care what the ESPN's of the world said or didn't say about us. We will just simply have to go out there and make them notice. We are a very young franchise and if we keep it up over the years they'll be talking about us even when we may not deserve it...see Dallas Cowboys, NO Saints, SD Chargers, etc. My satisfaction comes from watching us win, not from hearing Chris Berman talk about us. Go Panthers! Panthers 31 ... Falcons 17

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