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Ancient Reptile

Speaking of Led Zep Page Plant Bonham and Jones were truly awesome in their day and anyone at the old Colisium in Dec 1969 to witness their debut spectacle as the opeing act to the then universal icon Jimmy Henrix would have understood how good they were in their youth and prime although Hendrix was purely awesome to say the least. Zep was brand new and intriging since noone really knew their songs that except for Immigrant Song that was well known although they had just released Zep II with Heartbreaker and Lemon Song that they tore up in retrospect.

Hendrix had opened a year earlier in 1968 at the Colisium for the Monkees but was an unknown in Charlotte and the nation. Right in the middle of Purple Haze and 20 minutes into his debut the wild 13,ooo fans were screaming Monkees Monkees ... so he screamed onto his mike "Fuck this shit, I dont have to do this" and stormed off the stage. The Monkees performed and the crowd was happy, mostly teenie boppers.

Actually in contrast Zep got an excellent reception as the opening act for Hendrix in Dec 1969 and that concert was prob the best in Charlotte ever. Page was hot and Plant was screaming like Joplin. Henrix was well known and blew the crowd out the door with all his big songs.

Without a doubt Led Zep and Hendrix together at that concert in Dec 1969 has never been equaled on planet earth and everyone knew at that point Zep was the up and coming new world icon group.

Michael Banbury

This reminds me of that Saab you used to have, which was also a turbo. It broke down on 277 and we were picked up by a kind-hearted motorist.

Lee had pointed out how cool its dashboard was, and to this day I still assume that cool dashboard = great car.

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