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Well stated Tom. In the pros last year at this time, did anyone see the New York Giants building momentum and getting to the top of the mountain by playing exceptional football the last two months of the year?

They were ready to fire their coach mid-season. Things change over the course of a long season.

My beloved Buckeyes from Ohio State are not the same team now that everyone saw get destroyed by USC in September.Our quarterback has confidence and we have a very healthy running back that we didn't have in Los Angeles for the USC game.

A late second half fumble against a very good Penn State team kept OSU from being 11-1.

The national championship should be played for and not politicked for.I feel for the Teaxas Longhorns who were shafted by their Big 12 South administrators.

Personally, does anyone want to go toe to toe with USC right now....or Boise State...?

We will never know...


This is why I haven't watched a bowl game in ten years...and if half of everyone else did the same, then the BCS would be BYEBYE. I am a Clemson grad ...but really who care about Clemson vs. Kentucky? Clemson vs. Nebraska? et al, ad nauseum...

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