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Tom -- DeAngelo and Al Bundy do have one thing in common. They both scored 4 touchdowns in a single game...of course DeAngelo did it againt the Green Bay Packers, while Al did it at Polk High in the '66 city championship.


Hahah so Williams is going to tell Stewart the secret to success 2 years before Stewart would retire (assuming the same career length)? Maybe I misread something in there.


In the fictional sitcom Al scored only 3 TDs with Polk High outside Chicago in 1966 and he has the trophy in the HS trophy case to prove it plus the clipping.
Al wasnt drinking rootbeer either. He also was always reading Big Uns and talking about big hooters and responsible for giving the franshise Hooters their name.
Al was a shoe salesman and his big redhead tramp wife Peg a worthless housewife while daughter Kelly was a tease and son Bud a young stud wantabe.
Marcy was the next door neighbor who dominated her husbands and produced the show but in real life was a strong womens lib feminazi lezbo who used her twisted sarcasm to cast slime on suburban married life and on ex-high school football players and their families who were depicted as losers.
Reruns have rarely been shown.
Sinatras biggie Love and Marriage was used as the intro.


HG, thanks for a rundown of the entire show. However, it WAS 4 TD's in one game, not 3. Look it up.


Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in the 1966 city championship game for the Polk High School Panthers.


WOW...thanks for sharing your obviously scary obsession of Marcy with us, Hooters Galore. You are clearly the "married with children" Nazi. Enough of that...back to what we all come here for...D-Will and his ability to make people miss and score in the wake of defenders 5 seconds behind him.
Thanks Vinny for whatever it was you "shared" with The Panthers new superstar.


Glad to hear DeAngelo is a Bundys fan, I'll have to bust out my No Ma'am (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Mastery) at the next game.


WOW! I never thought anyone could possibly accuse MWC to be a feministic, man-bashing show! Thanks for uncovering that conspiracy for us.
BTW - Re-runs "rarely" shown? They're on every afternoon on FX! Can I get a Whoa-Bundy?

King Al

Married with Children was an American sitcom about a white trash dysfunctional family. Bearse is gay in real life.

MWC was great hetrophobic comedy on Fox from 1987-1997 by bull dyke Amanda Bearse ex-flame of Ellen Degenerse put down of hetro burb life and high school football.

The gist of the show is the hetrophobia of dyke Bearse and all gays casting green slime on big headed hated high school football star jocks knocking up the sexpot ending up a beer drinking white trash loser existence in contrast to the golden boy white collar college degreed success society idealizes.

MWC is cartoonish fiction but has a clear hetrophobic bias prejudice in support of the alternative perversion homosexual lesbian lifestyle breaking with the norm moms apple pie traditional using sarcasm satire parody.

Obviously Bearse wasnt a high school cheerleader. She was probably one of those loner unpopular ugly weirdo pothead juicer loser sexually perverted females who never wore a dress with a strange multi colored butch haircut hanging around troublemakers and limp wristed cremepuffs or fat dykes.
A lot of these pervert weirdos live in Frisco or have their pics in the Post Office ... Actually a lot of these bulldkyes are on police forces or fire departments of American cities or in the military. You can always spot these deep voiced weirdos wearing crewcuts or mullets.


Yo - Hooters Galore aka King Al-

Knock it off.

You're scaring the children.

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