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If he thinks hes been swagger-jacked now, he'd better hope he doesnt have to go up against Beason & co. They'll swagger-jack his whole off-season!

Jon in DC

after LenDale's infamous ' I don't care' comments on ESPN for not getting his carries in a Titans loss...I'm glad the Panthers passed on him...clearly another head case...kudos for Panther personnel for
picking up on that...

LeDale can take his swagger-jacked 'tude and watch the real Smash & Dash


Smoebody tell Lendale he is a morhole. In case he doesn't know what that is, it is a moron and an a--hole.


Careful Tom, you may have to pay royalties on the term "swagger-jacked". You know, LenDale probably trademarked it too.

I always thought "swacked" was "swak"ed. Sealed With A Kiss.

This whole conversation is silly.


You can be swagger-jacked leaving Hooters??

Marcia Ingram

We could change the duo to Starch and Husky. Better than Smash and Dash...and more appropriate if Lendale wants Stash and Dash

Marcia Ingram

Who cares as long as our running back tandem keeps it up. Go Panthers:)

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