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Kevin McAllister


I'm a Charlotte transplant and will be going to the game. Section 208 row 4. I had plans to go with my family but the flex shut my two young sons out and it is just too cold for my NJ wife. I am taking a Steelers fan and two Giants fan. We live 20 miles west of the stadium and I told them if the Giants win it's a long walk home.

I am hoping to get on TV with one of Charlotte's local stations. If you truly are going to look for a Panther fan you know where I'll be.

Go Panthers!!!!!

PSL Holder
Section 516


I was born and raised in the Bronx; grew up cheering for the Giants,Yanks,Knicks etc. I've lived in Charlotte for over 20 yrs.and a Panther fan from those early Clemson bus rides. In addition, if you R traveling with the team and staying @ their hotel, I am responsible for the oversight of its operations and guest service, so let me apologize for your paper arriving late.Go have a Starbucks in the lobby! We had the Miami Heat and Xavier teams in yesterday which hampered the Panthers arrival so Foxy and Marty will blame me if they lose. Talk about pressure! Go Panthers.

Shaun NJ

I will be in section 204, row 5 .. I hope to have some Panther fans in throwing distance around me but I'm likely to be surrounded by a sea of blue .. This will be the first and likely the biggest NFL regular season game I'll ever see.. If the Panthers win tonight, I'll see you guys in BOA stadium for the playoffs.. I will be getting playoff tickets.. I have a feeling the Panthers are going to run right at the Giants, the Panthers running game has not even hit full steam.. Smitty will get open for a couple of big time catches .. Panthers 34-23 .. This year's Panther team has something special ..

PantherMatt NYC

Manhattan resident, and huge Panthers fan. I will be there, Section 134, Row 15.
My brother (a Giants fan) and I are going together, and I'm hoping to see some other Panthers jerseys in the stands!
It'll be cold, nasty, and wet out there, but I can't wait!!!

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