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Great recap thanks!!!!!


What about the '96 team that went undefeated at home?

Cedar Posts

Great Game, Great Season, Great Home Finish!

But where are the fans? After half time the place had 1/2 the seats open. By the 4th quarter it looked a Bobcats game.

What is up with that?


Great point Cedar. Don't get me wrong - there are some GREAT fans throughout the stadium. But then you have some that are there - well, I don't know why they are there.

One fan complained because when I SAT on the edge of my seat, he couldn't see as well. Then, another complained because I stood up as Gamble made the pick! (I'm not a fan that stands all game. But my reaction is to stand up and cheer on big plays.) Several other fans in our section arrived halfway through the second qtr and left halfway through the third qtr. Several of them chit chatted about their kids' receiving scholarships and paid NO attention to the game.

My hope over time is that these "fans" are fazed out and are replaced by real football fans. Not falling down drunk fans, but those that are interested in the actual game and don't mind a little noise in the stadium! I chalk it up to the relatively short time we've had a team. But as the fan base grows, my hope is these games turn into less of a social tea time and more of great football atmosphere.


I went to my first Carolina Panthers game last Monday night and I had a blast! I was in the noise bleeds but I still had a great time! I didnt sit down until halftime and even then I didnt sit down but for a few moments because Sir Pur was running into the endzone for a touchdown against the other mascots! At the start of the game my section was sitting down and the lady behind me told me to sit down because she wanted to see. I told her if she wanted to see the game that she was gonna have to stand up to look over me because I wasnt paying $55 to sit in the corner on the endzone and freeze to death and hope that they didnt loose the game! I was gonna scream and cheer all night! I had lost my voice by the 2nd quarter but I was still making noise the whole game! I paid $55 for my seat and I was gonna do whatever I wanted to do with it! Stand, sit, jump up and down, stand in the seat... and there was nothing she was gonna do about it! When me and my buddy was the only ones standing in my section we started screaming like crazy and finally got our section into the game! They never sat down the entire game!


I meant to say nose bleed section! Excuse me!

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