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Michael Procton

WOW! Cool story...nope.


I will retort with: “Why aren’t there more men in: fahosin design, gender studies academic positions, secretaries, wedding planning, ect…”You think the fact that there are more male scientists (a job that requires years of highly specialised training and a huge investment of time, money, and effort, is equivalent to why there are more female secretaries, a job you take because you need a job? The fact that you think women are naturally suited to low-paid subordinate work clearly shows you should not be taken seriously about women's abilities in anything.Before women dominated law and medicine, people assumed men were just naturally better at those jobs. As more women enter chemical engineering, it turns out, oops! Mechanical engineering is the one women are naturally bad at. The reason there are less women in certain fields is one, women tend to make all the sacrifices to raise children, so the ones that do start out wanting to become editorial cartoonists leave for something more stable or, in order to put in the time commitments needed to meet people and be a part of an industry, have to make major sacrifices. Would Matt be able to go to Haiti if he had a newborn?And more importantly, gender roles are imprinted at a very young age. I have a baby niece. Her entire experience is adults cooing at how adorable she is. She has more frilly pink dresses than she'll ever wear. I used to work in a store that sold baby items, and all the parents (and this was a wealthy, educated, liberal clientele) were very concerned that their baby boys not get anything for girls. You don't think these boys grow up better at, say, spatial relationships because they played with blocks from infancy. I had a seven-year-old boy tell me that I couldn't know about baseball because I'm a girl, as though watching TV required some special skill. And despite all that, the number of women in traditionally male professions is increasing every day. To the point, that, yes, some medical and law schools are proposing what amounts to affirmative action for men (for example, placing less emphasis on the interview in medical school applications, since the belief is men are better at it).


month then it would for an expectant fatehr? Does cartooning really offer no maternity leave adequate to make up the difference? If one is independently employed in country like the US with a lousy social safety net, then yes, there is a choice that has to be made in such matters, but that is what that is, a choice. Besides most white collar working women are well aware of the fact that international surrogacy programs only cost about $17000, which sounds like a lot of money but we are talking about white collar working jobs here. So if one does not wish to take the maternity leave, then one can fork over $17000. This is the same $17000 a man could fork over to have a child carried by a surrogate if he so wished.Could you link me to an article about the net affirmative action for men in med-school that you talked about? I am just curious for my own edification.

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