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Who cares what Keyshawn thinks? I certainly don't. To me he has always been the Southern Cal loudmouth prima donna with an oversized opinion of himself. Is it any wonder he wore out his welcome with the Jets, Bucs, Cowboys (!) and Panthers? For the Cowboys to get fed up with someone really takes some doing. I hope they ship T.O. on his way next. Let him play at Oakland for the league's only dead active owner.

Michael Procton

And not only does Delhomme throw those passes because he believes in Smitty, Smitty ASKS for the passes to be thrown like that.


I SAW THAT LIVE!!! It was on ESPN's pregame and Berman asked the panel which team was the best in the NFC. Of course, they all picked NY and pointed to Jake as a liability on offense. They all explained their answers, and Me-shawn says that he "doesn't trust Jake" and how he can't "just throw up hand grenades like he did against Green Bay...not in New York".

WHAT A JERK! The reason Jake can throw the ball up to Smitty like he does is because Smitty actually FIGHTS FOR THE BALL!!! Keyshawn can't carry Smitty's jock!

I think that Smitty and Jake are just starting to click, and it all started rolling after those "hand grenades". The Panthers fought like mad, had a great defensive stop, and took that game away...and they haven't looked back.

They promptly smashed Tampa and dominated Denver. I look forward to seeing Carolina go into this game with the swagger they've been strutting for the last three weeks and shut these guys the up!

South Florida Panthers Fan Club

The next time we see Meshawn in the street we are going to punch him right in the nose. What a whining little b****.
Jake throws for 4 TD's tonight and makes Meshawn look even more like an a**clown that he already does.


If we win nothing matters, if we lose, it all comes back to haunt us.

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