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China Grove Panther

He's a hack.

Tar Heel90

China Grove Panther, I seriously think if you actually knew Mick you wouldn't think that. He's a wonderful person and does a tremendous job calling the Panther games.


Giants stink


How much holding will the officials allow?
I understand that smitty's hold was bad and I also agree with the call on Kenny in the endzone. But Peppers and others were held on every play.


damn good game par for the course with the loss


Read other columns by TS in this edition of our sports page. What news would you like, didn't you see the game? There is no news only opinions. Get a life!

Michael Procton

You're kidding, right TH? Mixon is one of the worst announcers in the NFL. Rozinski was 100 times better.


Mick Mixon is "fine play-by-play man? Please! I live out of the area and listen to most Pantehrs games on Sirius. I frequently have to turn to the opposing teams channel to understand what is happening on the field. Between Mick Mixon and Eugene Robinson, the Panthers have the worst radio team in the NFL.

A typical call....Mixon trying to describe a play...."Delhomme throws", Robinson screams "NO!" And they talk about what could have happened without telling you if it was an incomplete pass or an interception. "Moose could avhe gone all the way with that one" Turns out Moose caught the ball and went out of bounds. I thought it had to be an INT the way the booth reacted, and Mick never tells you what happened.

I'm sure Mixon is a nice guy, but he is a horrible play-by-play guy. He might be great to listen to if you are at the stadium watching the game, but a radio guy should be describing the action to those who can't see it.

I had to keep switching to the Denver broadcast to figure out what was happening on the field last week. The worst example was week 1 in San Diego. I had no clue what was happening until I found the Chargers broadcast. It's a shame I can't listen my own team's broacast and understand the game.

God, I miss Bill Rosinski!

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