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Dont worry Tom im coming down and i hope all the real fans come not those ank fans who leave at halk time. This is big time people, MNF, it hardly comes to Charlotte so appreciate it.

David T

I just look forward to the day when seeing the Panthers on a Sunday or Monday night becomes at least a little more common..these games will always be special but could we at least get more than 1 every other year (or however often it's been)? LOL

So Sad

It's a shame the the fans of Carolina don't have the class of the Buccaneer fans, I just got off the phone from my family who are Buc Fans but they are also Football fans only to find out that as they left the stadium they were pelted with objects... Now we've been to games in Tampa and Carolina and Tampa Fan outclass Carolina by far. You may have won on the field but not where it counts. Off the field.


So sad - sorry for that particular incident but it's pretty silly to label all of our fans as classless based on a couple of buffoons. I sat with a Bucs fan all night and he was treated fairly the whole time. He gave as good as he got but it never got out of hand.

All teams have obnoxious (probably drunken) fans who give others a bad name. And Tampa is no different.

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