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Forget the odds, cats win it all!


who cares?


I'd would love to see a Panthers/Titans Super Bowl. Both are regional, rather than city teams. They'd provide some great storylines (Collins against his former team, the battle of the grinders, Music City Miracle vs. Cardiac Cats). Best of all, we can issue a challenge to make it the first ever "Nickname Game." Winner gets it, and perchance gets to name the opposing tandem also? Make it for charity or something. Will the real Smash and Dash please stand up?


Bodog had the Panthers at 50:1 last summer. 23:1 to win the NFC.


Actually the Panthers represent both North Carolina and South Carolina. It was a perfect fit when SC native buisnessman ex-NFLer Jerry Richardson came to this borderline NC city Charlotte with marketeer Max Muelman that developed as the central hub of both states geographically centered to locate his new franschise after he sold Dennys. The demographics of 50 million population within a 100 mile radius and located between Atlanta and Washington sold NFL officials and the inaugural season began in 1995.
The SC gov in Columbia balked intially demanding the team be located at Carowinds bordering both states. Bruton Smith wanted it located inside his NASCAR facility. Many morons selfishly wanted a Charlotte only name tag to go with the Hornets.
Fortunately it became "Carolina" for the sake of both states and both consider the team their own.
Same for the Tennessee Titans and interestingly Williams came from the University of Memphis as the alltime rusher and everything else there.
NC and TN are joined at the hip eternally so it would be a family affair Super Bowl for sure.
CP & TT would def be All in the Fam.

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