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City of churches is not a compliment. It is the reason why there are so many hypocrites and ignorants around here.


Piss off Mike, go back to Jersey City


Mike, let me guess you're from NY, Pittsburg, no no wait New England. If I understand you correctly anyone of faith and goes to church in Charlotte is ignorant ? Everyone ? People in churches from where you came from are smarter? You left that dump of a town and came here to live and earn a living ? So Mike what keeping you here ? Take you and your fat girlfriend and go back to Buffalo or where ever. They'll be plenty of aholes just like you arriving on Monday to take your place.


68metal, learn how to spell the name of the city you're hating on before you complain about it. I can tell you were educated around here.


jiveturkey? With a name like that enough said. You just lost all credibility! Go put your neck back in the said jiveturkey? Ha Ha Ha that is halarious!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!Charlotte Holla Back!!!!!!!!


So how do you go about picking and choosing in advance who will win the Super Bowl next year or after that?
Does Peppers have a crystal ball? Obv he just wants to explore and see what else is out there but in the end after going to 10 different teams who dont win the big one he will return to finish his career and then be put out to pasture.

Dont take anything away from the Cardinals who have the 2nd longest non-championship streak in the pro sports only behind the Chicago Cubs.

The (Chicago) Cards who began play in 1898 last won the NFL title in 1925 and again in 1947 when there were only 12 teams and moved to St Louis in 1959 and to Glendale AZ in 1988.

The Panthers began play in 1995 compared to the Cardinals in 1898.

Is somebody spoiled here? Sports involves winning and losing. No in-betweens. Life or death. Feast or famine. Happy or sad. Take the good with the bad and nothing is certain.

It was in the cards. The redbirds were destined to win and they will win the Super Bowl because the Steelers have won too many times at 5.

Technically the Cards are 2nd in pro sports history having not won the big one in 62 years since 1947 only behind the Cubs who last won in 1908.

The Panthers have been very close and blew one in 2004 to a NE fieldgoal at the end.

Dont get mad get even. Tommorrows another day ... Wait'll next year .... Its the Cardinals time. And hell man this is the state bird of Carolina north of the border.

Stop the fucking whiny bullshit. Get over it.

Cedar Posts

Charleston known as the "Holy City" like Charlotte is a city of churches, and is well known as the orginal "yankee" hater.

Which might explain why across the Carolina's we really don't like ya'll from up north.

Transplants who continue to openly support "da bears", Pats, or God forbid the "Yankees" will always open themselves up to unwanted, and often unplesant attention.

Drive around with a Tampa Bay or Falcons flag? That's no big deal, but just try do put your New England bumper sticker in front of my windshield.

You will notice Panther fans are angry about the loss to the Cardinals but we don't hate them, we are just mad we didn't get the chance to crush both ends of Billy Penn's state!


jiveturkey are you serious ? That's lame just like your intellectually lazy response.
Now go get your shinebox.

Tim Burleson

As a person of faith I am offended by unbelievers who assume that people who fo believe are somehow ignorant. I submit that unbelievers are basically closed minded.....they refuse to consider that Faith issues are important. In so doing they deprive themselves of knowledge and beauty.


Granted it been said the south has a church on every corner and what they heck, they hate each other let alone football team because they sure have the "truth" and going to heaven unlike that church on the next corner who is going to ...well you know where.

We have a good football team with some good players who have done a lot for the community and that should earn them more respect than they get.

There should never be big fancy expensive lavish churches on one corner or a city full of churches on every other corner and homeless people on the other or some of those churches may end up like Eckards! After all you know how its said, "to whom much is given much is required."


I am a member of a big Church in Charlotte that is very giving from jail ministries to helping the homeless, the elderly and needy kids. Don't paint with a broad brush. If you aren't already, get involved.


Chill Ya'll...I am an American by birth and Southerner by choice and I certainly am glad there has been an influx of people from 'da north. If they had not come south we would still be brown bagging (no mix drinks), same old fried food restaurants. I am glad you are here...JUST DON'T MARRY ANY OF MY DAUGHTERS!

Bryan Sweeney

Faith and Blind Faith are two different things.

Both exist here and only one is dangerous.


Guys, take a deep breath!!! Stop arguing over trivial trivialities!! God loves us all, that includes you dumb ass Yankees too!


Don,t be so hard on him people. All people from up north do not think like this guy. I am proud to be from the north and happy to be down south.

USA Yank

"There should never be big fancy expensive lavish churches on one corner or a city full of churches on every other corner and homeless people on the other or some of those churches may end up like Eckards! After all you know how its said, "to whom much is given much is required."


Its absolutely none of your fucking business if people want to build a billion dollar huge church on every corner and who gives fuck about your alcoholic dopehead lazyass worthless homeless bums?

Much is required? So how much you gave to your beloved bums lately? Fuck off you hypocrite.
We give it all to God not some drugged out crackhead filthy homeless bum. You can never give enough to the Big Guy. He wants it all.

Building big fancy fine churches is all about giving back to the their Creator anyway. These are Gods houses. He loves it. The bigger the better. Just like the Vatican in Rome is worth 100 billion and worth every penny and the Big Man upstairs loves it all.

These ignorant commies want to retribute income to the lazy bastards so they can sit around and draw welfare and watch Oprah all day on the tube.
Mind you own fucking business. Get out of peoples wallets and go give what is required of you!!

And whats with this fucking idiot "yankee" bullshit?

The term came from 1776 and a song called "yankee doodle dandy" during the Revolutionary War.
People north of the Mason Dixon line consider themselves yankees but make no big deal about it.

Every been in the military? Go overseas anywhere and see if they dont call you yank. They gives a rats ass what region you are from. America is all yankee doodle dandys to the rest of the planet like it or not.

idiot hater

CARDINAL...you act like you have been a fan since 1898...stop talking you clown...googling some facts about the history of a franchise doesnt make you a fan...you clowns couldnt even sell out your first home playoff game in ages without the help of car dealerships buying up thousands of tickets and the NFL extending the BLACKOUT DEADLINE by a day...true fans..idiot


Getting an account to post comments should require a mandatory prescription for tranquilizers and blood pressure medication.

Cardinal Fan

"talking you clown...googling some facts "

What a joke. Go google up your ignorant dumbass or go to a bookstore and buy books if you can read. Assume nothing asswipe and go phuck yourself.


I thought this was a sports blog - we are now debating Christian tenets and regionalism? C'mon people, we should all be united behind the ideal of running our idiot head coach out of town. Until that happens we wont ever win the big game and talent will run away from this team in free agency.
And for the Cardinals fans - congrats, seriously, and good luck on Sunday.


Let's trade Peppers to Philly and get McNabb!

The Judge


You said it. Our angst is wasted on each other when it should be directed to finding us a decent coach and, God forbid, a quarterback that doesn't turn the ball over 6 times with a berth in the NFC Championship game on the line!

How about everyone direct that pent up aggression towards www.websters.com, find a few good words, spell check your letter and mail a professional, friendly pleading to Mr. Richardson to finally get rid of Fox and Jake Gohomme so we can win a Super Bowl.

Jake and Fox have cost us, in my opinion, at least two additional trips to the Super Bowl.

That's something to get angry about.

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