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Game is over folks.


Notwithstanding a first 75k fans waving stupid looking white hankies the Twins in baseball used to wave all the time, this whole stadium team and city and state was way way too cocky going into the game thinking this was a cakewalk not realizing this is the NFL where anything can happen at anytime.

The whole attitude was arrogant as hell and this was payback. Dont blame it all on Jake as he wasnt any worse than any of the rest espec his recievers who didnt try to go for the ball or play defense to knock them away plus the defense gave up 33 pts.

Lesson learned the hard way. Never get arrogant and cocky to any opponent cuz that payback is a fucking bitch.


So , anyone have any advice as to how you get thru such an embarrasing game??? Especially when you have to deal with Eagle fans who are now going to Conference Championship, and you haven't moved yet to Charlotte? This one REALLY HURTS!!!

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