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Richard Clower

Hey Tom, don't be so hard on your cousin Reed. He is a pretty rough interview.


"I ain't coming if my people ain't coming," Petty says. "You done good, buddy," Petty told him.

We doubt Petty will be teaching any grammer education classes in school anytime soon but when he talks he does have a very thick rural southern accent. The theory behind how the southern accent began goes back to slavery since most blacks were sent to the south where they lived hundreds of yrs on massive plantations side by side in small homes or lived inside with their masters.

The phonics of both southern whites and blacks are very similar as compared to the north and west. Certainly whites who came from all over Europe including the UK, Germany, France etc did not speak like southerners and neither did blacks from Africa.

Clearly whites and blacks living together in the south for hundreds of yrs created this combination unique dialect like noneother on the planet. Petty is a prime example. Ebonics and southern dialect are very similar.

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