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Matt was also the only player that would stop his car on the side of the road, and sign auto's.. At charity functions, he would stay late to make sure everyone had a good time. He always had a smile, and was polite.. All round good guy..


Tom, you have a short memory: George Zidek! Jahidi White!


Carroll seemed to be a nice guy who enjoyed the opportunity he was given with the Cats. However, following his strong season that landed him a new multi-year deal with the team his productivity really dropped? The real question is what does this mean for Adam Morrison? As an AMMO fan, I hope this means he will be in Charlotte for the near future and finally be given the minutes and opportunity to prove himself. All I know is that the Bobcats made the right move by keeping Felton. He plays with heart, is having a strong season, and actually wants to be here.

Ben Fawcett

Tom, I really don't understand this trade, why not give away Adam Morrison, he has the same skill set as Matt, but seems to be much less diverse, why trade a fan favorite, I dont understand the trade, and am one of the many Bobcats fans sad to see Matt go.


Tom, are you physically capable of writing a colum without referring to yourself throughout? It ain't about you.

Carroll Crazies!!!!!!!!!

Matt Carroll=expendable??????
Tom Sorensen= definitely expendable


This trade does not help the Bobcats. We pick up an excessive amount of salary, basically ensuring that we won't be a free agent player any time soon. Take a look at Diop's numbers. And to say Carroll's production went down is misleading. He hardly saw the floor under Sam Vincent's scheme, so of course his product went down- less playing time generally means less production.

The Bobcats have traded one of the only players who always played with heart and if they trade the other (Felton), they'll set themselves back years.

T Money

Justin, the salary ramifications are the exact same. Numbers are a wash - its difficult to measure a shooting guard to a solid defending big man. His minutes are down from Sam Vincent's scheme to Larry Brown's and he can't defend consistently night in and night out.

Try again as to why Matt Carroll sets the Bobcats back for years.


Glad to see Felton stay.


you guys think matt carroll will take us to the playoffs you are wrong and dont know basketball, true he played with heart and is a good shooter, but he has value and morrison coming off knee sugery at the moment don't..so they had a choice to let felton or matt and we see who they choose.. the adding of a big man will truely help okafor..just watch, i like what larry is doing..keep it up..go cats

Ben Fawcett

Matt Carroll was an underated defender, he worked hard, got steals, and got boards when he needed too, matt carroll was definetly not "expendable"

Bobcats Signmakers

As representative to the Bobcats signmakers, who created the "game blouses" and "DJ knows how to turn the tables" signs, I must say the signmakers are deeply saddened by this trade. Matt is a great player and also a great person in general. The signmakers will miss him but are still believing in the 'Cats as a team.


Matt could not move laterally Adam can play if Brown would give him a chance- He could play a guard position


No one in Charlotte even cares. Could not be less important.

I sit near Buzz

Who cares what you think Sorensen? Try going to a game for once. Bonnell > you. A 3rd grader could write that summary.



Contracts differ by about $6 million. Not a tremendous amount but enough to sign someone to the midlevel exception.

It sets us back because instead of keeping a player who can least come in and shoot threes when needed, we got a center who can't hit a bucket from outside of six feet. Considering the fact that Okafor isn't exactly a face up player, it handicaps the offense to have Diop on the front line. Mark my words, when Okafor and Diop are in the lineup together (which will be often since Diaw is the only other player in the frontcourt who can actually play), production in the paint will be zero.

Guy from Dallas

Diop's a nice guy(for some reason that seems important to ya'll),but your coaching staff will have to stay on him to get anything out of him. He's a better than average shot blocker, his only offense coming off of put backs, rebounds good when he wants to, but most of the time he just doesn't want to. He's definitely a big body with some usefullness. Excited about trade, we've needed a shooter for our weakside offense who can hit open 3's.


I Like Carroll but the true of the matther is that all he can do is stay out side catch the ball and shoot. That is not enough for Brown's system. There are a lot of players who can do that in the NBA. I am not a Felton fan and i was looking to trade him but this is not the same Felton, he is much better now than he was before. I'm glad he is still here.

steve strand

I don't like this trade, but then I didn't like getting rid of J-Rich and that has worked out pretty well. Mat Carroll showed as much or more hustle than anyone on the team. He never coasted. You need guys like that who man-up when the team has 3 games in 4 nights. (besides, he's my son's favorite player) We have tickets for the Suns game. Let's hope that our Giant guy who takes up space can guard their Giant guy who puts the ball in the hole. Greetings from Morrison Y.


bobbydees is right. Morrison could be productive some at the 2. Carroll was not gonna put the Cats over the top and he won't put Dallas over the top in the West.


Who cares if he was a likeable guy? I would like to see the bobcats get to the playoffs than see some kids get the NBA D league mvps autograph. yea he hustled and tried hard but he would get burned very often on defense and was one dimensional on offense. and the only reason sorensen said that this guy is a big man that takes up space is because the only big men that tom has heard of are shaq and tim duncan. ive seen him play several times on the mavs and trust me this guy could be a force in larry browns system.
keep watching sportscenter tom maybe you will hear about a few more nba players!


So much anger. Matt could drive and dish well but cant take minutes from Crash, The Master. I used to despise Ray's game but he has emerged as an eye-of-the-tiger type braveheart. Augie can provide the three assault along with Boris and Raja. Morrison had more moves than a slinky in college but has no confidence to go to the cup now. If he could be very selfish with the ball he can score points but is psyched at the moment. at the two? Who would he defend at the other end. He'd look like a confused roller derby contestant. His shooting talent is on the move fro seventeen feet and in. He needs to get that.

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