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It's enough to make me dread the Super Bowl because I know what's coming-a sudden and abrupt to end to football (the pro-bowl just isn't really anything to watch, that's more for the players I've always felt like). I never know what to do with myself on Sundays for several weeks after football season ends. September can't come soon enough.


The best thing I have heard yet would be to move it to Saturday. Then the parties can go into the wee hours, and no one misses work.


Amen to moving the game to Saturday. That's a no-brainer to everyone except the hotels and bars in the city hosting it.


In my family, we have a sayingfor Septrmber. "Our long national nightmare is over"


Saturday it a no-brainer..Look how wonderful it was to have the Panthers-Cardinals on Saturday night here a couple weeks ago.Panthers-Cowboys a couple years ago.Great atmosphere.

We could all recover on Sunday,go to church, watch the game again on TIVO and listen to all of the talking heads dissect every play.

I have a dream.Let the NCAA see the light and have a college tournament/playoff that ends on the weekend between the division playoffs and the Super Bowl.Bowling and extreme snowboarding didn't fill the void last weekend.

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