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It's simple, UNC shouldn't have been trying to score with 3 seconds left. Good foul by Ben.


There is a reason why Roy had him ejected. Your blog should read "Copeland, what were you thinking?"

I suppose it's ok, you look a typical Carolina homer anyway.


It's unsportsmanlike to "rub it in" which is what Copeland was doing. Roy Williams said after the game that they shouldn't have tried to score. Hopefully, Copeland learned a little sportsmanship.


I am a Carolina fan and grad and I thought Copeland's play was trashy. I think that its great when the bench guys get in and try to score, but there is absolutely no reason to do something like that when the shot clock is turned off. If I were McCauley I would've done the same thing. I'm glad that Roy wanted to have Copeland thrown out. Copeland is lucky to even put on that jersey, and now his dumb play and even more asinine reaction to the foul are going to overshadow a nice Heel win.


Total wuffie BS on the comments. Why were your starters in the game against the UNC scrubs? Your fans have become so pathetic that you whine about other team's subs dunking on your starters? Maybe you should learn how to play competitive basketball before the ACC drops you for Davidson.


The team felt disrespected after Lawson did it in the AC Championship a few years ago and weren't going to let it happen again. It was a hard foul and got called as such, but there are two at fault for this foul: Ben and Bobby for trying to score instead of pulling the ball out. You wouldn't dare criticize to other side though.


State is just a bunch of thugs and rednecks. Wouldn't have expected anything different from their players. They got it handed to them by the regular five, so I guess they needed to pick on the scrubs. Class act State.

Gary C.

I am a Duke fan that watched the game, you have this one all wrong Tom.

Jim E

Excellent foul by McCauley, Sorenson obviously doesn't get it!


Duke fans should stay out of this.. no one has to guess whose side you are on.


The kid never plays, he avgs 1 point a game. They dont go in the game to commit enought shot clock violations to end the game. They try to play, better themselves and improve. If the game was decided Lowe should have had his scrubs in. Did State try to score when they had the ball or did they hold the ball? This retarded arguement amazes me. UNC will stop trying when State does. Or maybe based on the way you got spanked again you felt State had stopped trying.


Cope should have tried to score. Im a UNC grad to. Roy is wrong. We here every year how the scout players work so hard to get in the game and play now you take that opportunity away. its not showing up the opponnent the game was over.


typical state bs. mccauley should be suspended 4 games. punkazz biatch.


Roy can be critized too. He's not perfect. I disgree with him starting Thompson over Ed Davis and I dont think Cope should have been ejected Per roy, Heck its not different than a losing team being down 30 with 20 secs left and trying to score. If I walked on to UNC, this could have been my one opportunity to tell my kids and grandkids and people are worried about not showing up state? Im glad cope shot the ball.


Real class move there< McCauley. Let's see: you're a starter who has played an average of 28+ minutes per game and scored 236 points so far this season - prior to this game. Copeland has played a total of 11 minutes prior to this game and scored a whopping six points this season. You couldn't let a benchwarmer have the rare thrill of scoring. Better to slam him to the floor. No, Copeland shouldn't have reacted the way he did and I have no doubt Roy will punish him accordingly. I'd LMAO if Roy put him in the starting lineup when moo u comes to the Dean dome.


I dont think there is a problem with trying to score when a team is way ahead and the shot clock is still on. Like a post above said, what else is a team supposed to do just turn the ball over? It's just the idea of trying to throw it down with some celebration dunk with two seconds left that bothers me. Believe me, I know the State fans can be brutal, I have been to a number of games in that place and seen how some of their fans act. I just don't think that reflects well on our school, trying to throw down like that at the end of the game. Carolina is not some ghetto style university and I dont think we need to be celebrating wins over teams that we should (and have) routinely beat. Showing off like that makes it look like this is some huge victory when really it is a win that we should expect to have.


Copeland should have smacked McCauley in the mouth. You got blown out and now it's time for the scrubs to score. If I'm the coach State's starters are still in the game then I'm going to continue to try to score. State was jacking up 3's on every play trying to make it look closer than it was. If McCauley didn't like the scrubs expanding the lead on their starters maybe they should have just played better defense. After all, they are just bench warming scrubs.


i am a wolfpack fan and am ashamed by mccauley's foul. i am also ashamed of nc state's play in general this year and think we should be kicked out of the acc for generally sucking like a hoover.


McCauley was out of line but Frasor should have dribbled out the clock. That's what Carolina has historically done when whipping State in Raleigh, and it would have avoided this whole brouhaha.

What are they throwing onto the court in Raleigh these days? Used to be mostly batteries and coins in the old days.


Let's see here - a guy who never plays attempting to score a meaningless basket vs. a pissed off McCauley taking offense and committing a foul not consistent with the rules of the game which would be to make a play on the ball. Why is this even a conversation?? Even though Cope was not correct to try to score from a sportsmanship standpoint - the game was over, a hard foul that could potentially injure a player is far more distasteful. McCauley should be embarrassed, and those defending his actions are idiots just like him. Deal with it.


Listen to all the Carolina fans complaining about a hard foul. Thats part of basketball. Quit whining like Copeland was. Roy should eject you from this comments section.


Surprise, surprise. A typical load of Tar Hole coated BS in the comments. The piece is BS and the defenders are full of the same.

BTW, you'd think a liberal arts school that prides itself on it's service industry job qualifying academics could get a few graduates who can use proper grammar.

Oh wait, I forgot. Most of these Carolina fans are the Walmart fans that never went to college, let alone UNC.

Coach Krewskdfjfdklsky

Gerald Henderson was the real victim in all this.

State Graduate

Everyone knows it as well as I do...if NC State was in the same situation, they would have shot a three to add another three points to the total. Just 30 minutes earlier I saw Purdue do the same thing to Michigan. Bottom line - hard foul because he was aggravated at being dominated the whole game. McCauley is lucky he did not get thrown out, then suspended the next game. Not that it would have been a big deal. State will lose that one to.


And there it is....three hours after the first comment posted, the grammar police shows up and tries to make this an educational discussion. This is about basketball fans discussing their point of view and opinion, doesn't matter who went to what school. Where did you go, genius? And for what it's worth, your own post is full of grammatical errors, but that's not why we're here, idiot.

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