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CA aka Tiger Weed

You're missing the point. It's not just that Tiger dominates the sport, it's golf. Golf is an individual sport that challenges everyone who plays to get better. You learn and always attempt to shoot that one shot better than you did previously. You go and buy new clubs, clothes, training gear yada yada yada, to improve your game. Once you realize how really hard and difficult and relaxing and enjoyable this game is you look to a guy like Tiger Woods with a new found respect and admiration for being so good yet still so likeable. It has to be a hard battle with all the PGA players who are given so much to fall prey to the life style. Tiger hasn't. Take one of my favorite golfers for instance, Sergio Garcia. He was winning at a very young age and everybody loved his fast animated playing mode. but as he got older and the cars, parties and other enticements became available to him, he changed into one of us weekender players and spit in a cup instead of holding his composure and continuing to be the great player he is. As a golfer I have cursed, thrown clubs and lied in my recreational play in front of my buddies. My game is still lousey, but fun and I contunue to spend money I shouldn't on the game trying to be what I never will, but darn it I can dream. That dream is the worlds best golfer. That, for now, is Tiger. I'd like to be as good as any guy on tour to be honest. But Tiger, man to chase Tiger... Now that's a dream. It depends on me and me alone. No defensive line, coach or anything except me. That's the difference. He's a class act even when the guys, like me, who attend PGA events a little buzzed and unstable, who yell things at the ball like "Get it the hole!!!" he's more than the Worlds number one. He's our number one, he's the conversation. But it takes watching others like Mickelson, Garcia, Sing and "Look out for him" AK (Anthony Kim) give him a run for his money that make golf, "GOLF!!!". Weekenders will never get close to Tiger's playing skills, but we can chase them. If just only in our mind. But what a game!


The guy is good but a media creation and novelty act obviously. A black guy playing golf at this level is a first and a last. Nobody comes close nor ever will but he is the best going now but golf has a very small audience anyway.
These golf events are worse than being back in Miss Axlerods 6th grade class where discipline was enforced with a 2 ft paddle across your ass.
You can hardly breathe loud at them. They suck. Golf sux unless you are playing it and not on the sidelines.

We went to a Wachovia event couple yrs ago and somebody farted real loud on a crucial putt on the 7th green. One of the pro golfers went crazy and asked to remove the loud farter...

At all other sporting events such as football baseball basketball you can fart scratch your ass blow your nose and belch all at the same time and noone says a damn word.


Ex-golfer says "The guy is good but a media creation and novelty act obviously". You just can't teach stupid. Rednecks, stick with cars turning left all day. The rest of the world will be better out with you gone.


Lets hope the red race of humans dont get offended by your racist idiot redneck remark. As far as nascar goes its def not for suckcock wimp gayboys like you either .. Now repeat 100 times over and over ...
Woods is a novelty act, youre a piece of shit, Woods is a novelty act, youre a piece of shit, Woods is a novelty act, youre a piece of shit ...


I can't tell you the number of times I've stood at a NASCAR race and shouted out loud to no one in particular, "Who cut the cheese!?"

Cedar Posts

Who would have thought Tom Sorensen could pen and very short piece about Tiger Woods, and attract so much unwelcomed attention.

I got a lot of flak about my blogs story Tiger Woods and 2 Pickled Eggs what is it about Tiger that brings out the racist mindset in some people?


Yeah...the media created one of the most dedicated, hard working, and smartest athletes to play ANY sport. It's definitely a novelty act - all that practicing, coaching, and self improvement. The guy is a machine. He's Michael Jordan and then some...you watch to see what he'll do next, and I for one am glad he's back. Every sport needs a Tiger Woods. He's a class act.


Sorry but the great one lasted 2 days. Hes OUT. Gee whiz we didnt know that if u didnt bow and worship at the alter of some ebony golfer you are some terrible hating race monger. Thats laughable but what can you expect from brainwashed idiots. We read that if you didnt vote for BO you were a racist too. So what else is new in utopialand?
We hope Tigerboys injury has not finished him. Washed up and a has been? Looks bad guys. Any newbies on the horizon?


The most popular reaosn in golf for a fade/slice is the resistance caused by the ball at impact, it forces the clubface to open slightly. The second is an out to in swing path and coming over the top' which is Pro speak for your bottom arm is straightening before impact'. When your bottom arm reaches this undesirable condition it causes your thumbs to roll back away from the target and subsequently opens the face of the club and this in conjunction with the outside to inside swing path the fade turns into a slice.What needs to happen to prevent the bottom arm on the club straightening is for the club to come back to the ball on a line that is inside your line of takeaway. This prevents your bottom arm going straight too soon. The palm of your bottom hand needs to be down towards the ground at impact and skywards post impact but definately not before.Moreover, you need to retain your spine angle that you establish at address until after you have hit the ball. This can be referred to as holding your finish but really it is all about not letting yourself stand up in the shot until after the ball has long gone.At the end of the day, if you can achieve this in your swing you will be making uncompensated passes at the ball and this will result in straighter shots and hopefully more player satisfaction which is a real driver in why we all like to play the great game of Golf! Good Luck.

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