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Randy Mcnealy

Screw you Julius!

Roger Goodell

I am awfully ashamed at how you mess around with our league Tom...what if you're franchised by the Observer for wanting to leave?

Go Panthers

JP is free to screw up his life as he deems fit. We all screw up and it's his turn. I can't see how his family is sitting around and simply watching him throw himself to a bad situation! good luck JP, I hope you go to Detroit!

Jon in DC

Tom, that's the kind of breaking story Panther fans expect...we don't want to hear a story like that from yahoo or ESPN...way to work those sources...Panther nation will not rest until we know the rest of they story. As for me, I wish #90 all the best and thank him for his years of service to the Panthers...we all watched the 'D' knowing that #90 could disrupt a play at any time.

I just hope he doesn't carry any bad karma against the Panthers...I would dread to see him break our O-line and take it out on Jake.


i think the afc team is denver because this summer he spent a lot of time there

Skinny Pete

I'll say it again, Good luck, Julius and thanks for the time you spent here. No hard feelings.

Wonder if there's any chance the Panthers could land in position to get Mr Def End (Arakpo) from Texas? Maybe Maybin from Penn St.? I'd say that if there's a 1st rounder acquired it should go to the DEF, but after that there's a lot of chances for players. Later rounders like Sean Smith from Utah - Runnin Utes seem to play well in CLT - could help fill a void in the Def backfield.

Maybe another Ute like QB Brian Johnson could be a good project for the Off...

Yeah...I went to school at the U of U...so...

boyd s grigg

move him to Detroit that what he deserved......get the hell out north carolina

Mos Fans

Sources say Julius Peppers is an oaf.

MIchael Procton

Maybin isn't really big enough to stand up as an end in our system. He's a much better fit at OLB in a 3-4. Everette Brown would be a much better option if Orakpo's off the board.


I've got to disagree, Tom. It's one thing to hold out and get a good deal for yourself (like Beason did). It's another thing entirely to turn your back on the team and the fans despite a more than generous contract offer (especially coming off a 2.5 sack season). You simply cannot compare the two, and to do so is fallacious.

I've always been a fan of Peppers, even despite the allegations that he takes plays off. That said, I hope we get some players with some sense of team loyalty. Sure, Peppers has the right to go elsewhere, but I don't want players like that on the team.


I just want you to find out the real reason JP wants out and tell us the truth for once. I am sick of the lies. Can't anyone tell the freak'n truth anymore???? That is what we're all mad about. NOBODY likes a liar, yet here we go again.


I'd take a moonpie and a RC Cola for Pep


Although I have a lot of respect for the gay community in Charlotte, I can understand that Julius just does not have a lot of opportunity to meet new friends here. I wish him the best and hope he finds the love he is looking for in another city.


I am sure Julius Peppers is really concerned about the comments you idoits make about his status. Hey JP do what's in your best interest and freak all the haters. Tell them to see you at the bank while you continue to deposit your checks....Dallas Cowboys would love to have you, you can be a part of us kicking the Panthers Butts each year..............

jimmy clue

I call BS on your "source" Tom.


John Clayton said 3 of his preferred teams are in the NFC East.

I for one hope that's the case.


No one watched baseball before they went on strike. Peppers is not motivated. Why would any team give up that many picks for someone that has shown to be unomotivated. yeah, he got 141/2 sacks, but none of them were game changers. i'll be glad when he's gone. i'd rather have a guy w/less talent but w/more determination and drive.

Brad Baker

The Panthers front office shouldn't want to make Peppers' life a living hell. The NFL is like any business, employees are people and people talk to people. Players share their experiences with other players on other teams and believe me, the Panthers coming off as an awful team to work for doesn't do anybody any good. If Peppers isn't happy, let him go and try to find some middleground that makes both the team happy and Peppers understandable.

I don't want to see Peppers go but if somebody isn't happy, you can't change that. The guy obviously was born in North Carolina and has spent every year here. He wants a chance to try something different. Don't hate.


Why does Peppers get to choose who he is traded to? If he doesn't want to stay, why can't the Panthers trade him to anyone they want? If he doesn't want to go, he can stay here. He doesn't get the best of all worlds in my opinion.. JW


I'm certain that Jake Dehlomme is relishing all of these diversive conversations about Julius Peppers...right?

It sounds as though the Julius Pepper haters are only interested in "hating", and not on advocating for real improvement on the Panther team.

I mean, just making the play-offs should not be the hallmark or objective of a true championship team...right?

But then, there are those of you who are willing to accept our team being a laughing stock to our out of town friends...right? How Shameful!!!!


Go Julius! and take Jake with you.


He dosent, hes an idiot


The Eagles would be Perfect for J.P. take those 2 #1 picks. Peppers would be at home in the CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE, (You Know the Movie that Tom Hanks Did)


Julius is going to Green Bay.
Think about it..
-They run 3-4 D
-Dom Capers - is Def Cord
-Mike Turgovik - is D line coach
-and KEVIN GREEN is their new LB coach who dominated in 3-4 as OLB for Carolina back in the glory days of Salt&Pepper (w/Lamor Lathen)
And who else on the planet can get Julius fired up as outside LB in 3-4 better the Kevin Green.

The pieces are all right there. Peppers is going to Green Bay.
Watch and see my friends.. watch and see.


Pepper has to agree to a long-term deal whereever he goes....that means he has to want to go where we send him...

Anyways, I'd rather think about what we can get for Pep..This is an great opportunity for us.

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