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Roger Goodell



Happy Birthday, Ric. All the best!


Happy Birthday Ric. You are the MAN!!


To be the man, you have to beat the man! Wooooo! Happy Birthday Ric!

Tarheel Soldier

Happy Birthday Ric!!! You're still a stylin' and profilin', wheelin' and dealin', kid stealing, jet-flyin', limosine ridin', son of a gun!

Orange Chuck

And you didn't call Jenna or keeping that out of the article to keep you out of trouble?


Tom.....If I did not know any better I woud say you have a "Man Crush" on Ric. I canot wait for the article that tells me what color his poop is.


Forget the rest, I would think the number for Jenna Jameson is about all one would EVER need. :-)

By the way Ric... a good friend of mine is security guard at JM&D. If you think long and hard you'll know who I mean. I'd like to thank you many times over for setting us up right during your stops in the area. He and I would go to watch others in the audience make fools of themselves and laugh our butts off in the process... but my 2 young kids would go to watch guys like you and Triple H turn things into a ballroom dance. So again... thanks.

And finally... Happy 60th! And as we say in my family... here's wishing you many, many more!



Everyone in Hollywood has Jenna Jamison's number!!! She would give it to me if I asked for it!


"Who should I call?" What an inflated sense of self importance. This guy may be the nicest guy on the earth but my perception is road rage, groping a flight attendant, numerous marriages, drunk in public.

It is just a matter of time before this guy gets in trouble again (DUI). But some folks are such narrow-minded intellectual midgets they have no clue.

He is basically Steve Smith with a fancy robe.


Happy 60. Thats about all I can say thats nice. Years ago I cheered when you would wrestle and even went and watched you. But in Cheraw SC this past Saturday night I did not see the nicest guy. You wouldnt autograph a ticket stub or a program. Only the pictures bought of you from you. So, is it about the fans or the money?? Kinda makes a person wonder. If I had to pick between you and Richard Petty is would have to go to Richard.


when will charlotte build a flair statue, it's long over due

space mountain

i second the flair statue

Three words: all night long!

Wrasslin & Racin Rule QC

Memphis Tenn born orphan boy adopted and raised by Minnesota parents Flair couldnt have hit the jackpot at a better time coming back down south in the early 70s after winning the state private school championship and playing college football to Charlotte a longtime hotbed of show "wrasslin" with Jim Croketts mid Atlantic NWA with the likes of partners Swede Hanson and Rip Hawk and his famous chicken strut or many others including the original 1940s "Nature Boy" flashy showboat Buddy Rogers name and style Flair borrowed from who was an ex-cop from NJ who had long bleached his long hair and wore glittered robes putting on shows for the crowds in NYC who loved it. Flair took it a step furthur with the world expanse of this new Hollywood style wrestling. Both Flair and Hulk Hogan made wrasslin a Hollywood showtime event.
Big Bill Ward had hosted the Charlotte wrestlers on WBT3 every Sat nite or at Park Center since the 50s.
Crocket, who also owned the 1A Os and sold them to Shinn, sold to Ted Turner in the mid 80s and his WCW that sold to NC boy Vince McMahons WWF in the mid 90s. McMahon grew up in Pinehurst and played off guard for Moore County HS before moving to NYC to get in on the fam wrasslin business.

Flair and Hogan were both equally responsible for the rise of "wrasslin" to world heights and the co-kings of modern Hollywood showtime style for the sport that makes billions today.


I'll tell you what is in his cell phone. Pictures of his privates that he has shown half the country. He has groped and sexually harrassed half the bartenders, waitress, and hostess in Charlotte, and any woman that will stand still long enough. I agree with Colin up there. Just because he built up wrestling does not make him a decent person or statue worthy! Trust me, not the nicest guy on earth.

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