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Nice to see we have some depth at WR.


Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the Panthers persuing Harrison. Was this a subject that needed to be written about?


We couldn't afford him. He's a jerk off the field anyway.

Moose is still the man. What get's my goat is that Hines Ward always get's recognition for being the best blocking WR in the league. He always blocks guys that aren't even looking his way. Gives them cheap shots. Moose goes head on with LB's.

Having King, Moose, Hoover running down and blocking for 34 and 28 is awesome. 3 big bodies who aren't afraid to lay a defender out.

I really want to see a good training camp and pre-season from Robinson, Carter, Jarrett. It's going to get really competitive.


I’d have to pass on Harrison as well. Loved him at Syracuse in College and he has been amazing in the NFL but we don’t need him. I would spend our money on more pass protection for Jake or a replacement for Jake. We have enough solid veterans to lead this team as long as Smith doesn’t come out punching again this year and we need young talent. Oh and did I mention a backup and/or replacement QB???



Marvin Harrison is washed up and needs to retire.

However, I really don't see Ryne Robinson as an "emerging" receiver at all. To me he has been a total bust as a receiver AND as a kick returner. It's hard to believe that the Panthers drafted Robinson instead of Steve Breaston.


Shut it Sorenson. Find something REAL to write about. You must have been nearing a deadline when you wrote this. When I thought you couldn't get any worse, I was wrong. We don't need anymore irresponsible gun owners on our team.


What are the odds of the Panthers pursuing either Ron Curry or Dre Bly. As mentioned, WR is not a "need" position at the moment, so Curry may not get a look. But what about Bly?


Curry went from starter to limited playing time to being inactive this last season..I don't know the exact reason but I am sure his play had a little to do with it and Dre Bly is in his like 11th year, he and Ty Law have just lost a step.

Michael Procton

Yes, Snoozer. Robinson, whose work his rookie year (and throughout his college career, for that matter) was just as good as Jarrett's, but he's a TOTAL bust. Good call, chief.

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