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Wait a second here. Why is Mayberry the whippin boy as usual? Little innocent Mayberry? We have heard Mayberry used countless times as some bad terrible place when in fact it was the greatest place on the planet and 100% friendly hospitable where crime was virtually non-existent.

Mayberry is where a good guy sheriff and his funny deputy even allowed Otis the town drunk to check himself in and out of jail while singing a song and carrying a bottle of booze.

Gomer would fix your car for free or Aunt Bea give you free meals and thats bad?

Where is there anything bad about Mayberry? It was a clean town and everybody was courteous and obeyed the law.

Look, we can pin down big city Chicago murders rapes assaults corruption easily or the filth stench decay of LA or Detroit or NYC, but Mayberry had none of that and was A+ in just about everything.

We keep hearing Mayberry used like a bad joke when in fact this total bullshit to say the least.

Mayberrys only drawback was like most small town America it lacked a whole lot to do or little opportunity except for a day fishing at the lake or going to the movie theater, but there was never a curse word said there and no violent crime, no rapes, mo murders, no assaults or robberies other than the foiled bank heist or the occasional criminal who came through from "big city" Raleigh or crazy Earnest T Bass throwing a rock through a window.

The show began in 1960 by the maker of the Danny Thomas Show Sheldon Leonard. Andy Griffith Don Knotts and Frances Bavier with the other cast members are an American institution and icon even today ranking in the top 10 of all sitcoms and reruns all over America.

Mayberry is small town America in every single state and the envy of big city dwellers alike who love Floyd the Barber who even Nirvanas Kurt Cobain called his alltime hero.

Opie aka Ron Howard went to become big Hollywood director. Many budding actors got their start on Andy Griffith such as Don Rickles, Barbara Eden, etc.

As far as Michael Phelphs, he was just stupid. We dont even know if was really smoking pot or just clowning but for some idiot Observer sports guys to make a criminal him a criminal like OJ is pure insanity.
He learned his lesson the hard way but this is fluff stuff.

But cut this bullshit about Mayberry being a bad place. Thats brainwash bullshit lies 100%.


And people say Trekkies take things too seriously...yeesh.


snake oil salesmen always lurk because some suckers always buying it.

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