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The source is bogus and so is Jooyus Peppers. None of those cities have enough funny boy clubs for him.



Mos Fans

Are we really that scared of this guy? When is the last time Julius Peppers won us a game? Tag him and find the team you want to trade him to. If he doesn't like it, then call his bluff.

According to a source, Julius Peppers can get the hail over himself.

Mos Fans

Oh, and according to a source, yes, I can imagine Demarcus Ware showing us how overrated Julius Peppers is for the last five years of his career.


Just franchise and trade him. my goodness Panthers, grow some and do business.

Get rid of Fox/GM/Delhomme/Peppers and let's go....

Bring in Cowher (who is watching), new QB, and a decent cover corner.


Trade him SF, plenty of his kind out there.


give him to the cowboys for next years first round pick and Roy Williams!

Sounds good to me!


I have a horse mouth


PANTHERS....GROW A SET!!! Trade this guy for a 1st rd pick and a cheerleader to be named later!!!

Dom Capers

Julius has dain brammage.

Canadian Panther

The problem with tagging him to trade him is that the Panther's would have to let go of Ken Lucas and somebody who might be worth while in ordre to make the cap space, and then they would have to find some schmuck to take Pepp...I say just let him walk and lets move on with out him. SIGN GROSS RFN!!!


Yeah, I could imagine that Cowboys defense. They'd get an average of 75% effort from that duo, and Ware would be giving 100.


Letting go of Ken Lucas would be a problem?
Are you on drugs man? He is the worst corner in the league. I have been screaming this for 3 years, and people are just now noticing. Example...2007 against Atlanta, Joey Harrington threw 23 passes in the first half....21 were at Lucas. I would be willing to pay him not to play. If we take Lucas into camp this year I will not attend a single game. Period.

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